Simulation Based Skilled Trade Training

Our 30+ online simulations develop a technician's on the job skills quickly, building more skilled techs and long term careers at your company.


A Completely New Way to Train


Traditional training is boring. Our sims let students go hands on.


All of our simulations are can be accessed over any web browser

On Demand

Technicians can train anytime - while they work or at home

Traditional Training is Boring

The next generation of technicians needs interactive and field-like training to keep them engaged. Not a powerpoint.

Interactive simulations are fun

Simulations mimic in field training

Learn faster and apply new knowledge

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Attract and Keep New Talent

New employees want to work for a company that will help them grow with modern training tools.

Grow your new talent into skilled techs

Reduce turnover by 20%

Save an average of 4 hours per hire

"SkillCat was the best hiring service that I have used. The process was simple, and they brought me great candidates who are able to do the job."

John Barrett

Owner Of Fuss Free AC


Increase Your Bottom Line

Our online simulations develop a technician's on-the-job skills quickly, building more skilled techs and long term careers at your company.

Reduce call backs

Get techs up to speed and independant faster

Retain employees

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Billed Monthly

Track employees training progress


Send unlimited assessments

10K techs ready start work tomorrow


Reduce turnover by 50%