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Introduction to Motors and Shaded Pole Motors

This topic will discuss the major components in different types of motors, including PSC, three-phase, and split-phase motors.

Split Phase Motors

This topic will focus specifically on split-phase motors and their operations.

Permanent Split Capacitor Motors

This topic will focus specifically on permanent split capacitor motors.

Phase Motors

This topic will focus specifically on phase motos.


This topic will discuss the types of thermostats and how they work, along with standard wiring colors for thermostats.

Heating Controls

This topic will discuss electric heating controls such as resistance heaters, sequencers, and direct ignition controls.

Service Tips

Understanding how blowers and fan systems operate in refrigeration and heating and split systems will be explored in this topic.

Introduction to Contactors

This topic will cover contactors, their components, and operations.

Contactor Ratings

This topic will discuss the different ratings of contactors.

Troubleshooting Contactors

This topic will explore how to troubleshoot contactors.

Compressor Starting Relays

This topic will introduce starting relays and how they are used with compressors. How to replace them will also be covered.

Compressor Capacitors

Learn when and how to check the capacitors on a compressor motor. Run and start capacitors and their locations within a circuit are explained in detail.

Motor Starters

Motor starters, as the name suggests, control the electrical power in a circuit when starting a motor. They can also be used for the purpose of starting and reversing the motor.

Wiring Between Major Components

Learn what steps to take in which order to efficiently check the wiring of a complete system when an issue arises, or for preventative maintenance purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is the online course set up?

When building the course, our goal was to make online HVAC training fun, engaging, and exciting! With that goal in mind, we have put a tremendous amount of multimedia material into our courses. As a student, you will never just be reading or listening to text- this is not a textbook!​ Every single part of our courses is full of compelling graphics, informative animations, and real-life images from HVAC systems. After each lesson- and within many lessons- you will be asked to answer HVAC technician questions or do HVAC system calculations focused on what you just learned. These HVAC system exercises make learning a lot more interactive and fun.

Will you help me get hired after the course?

Once you complete the online HVAC training, you will have the option to join our talent network. We have partnered with leading HVAC companies, and they are all hiring right now! Companies will look for new hands from this talent pool since you have proven your ability through training simulations and testing. To join our talent pool, take the HVAC assessment on our website.

How much do the online courses cost?

Nothing! Our online HVAC training is entirely free, and we have made it as simple as possible. We took out all the filler, which can cause similar programs to take up to a year, and worked with hiring managers to teach you the skills that you need to know to start your career in HVAC.

How do the simulations work?

We developed the HVAC training simulations based on real-world scenarios that you will encounter as an HVAC technician. These simulations allow us to test you on the information you just learned, and they teach you how to apply the knowledge to practical tasks.

Do I need a computer for the online training courses?

To take our free online HVAC course, you will need a phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection. A lot of our graduates took classes while they were on the job site or in between jobs. The HVAC course is super convenient and always accessible.

Is there a textbook for the online training?

No textbooks here! We wanted to design a free, online HVAC course that wasn't boring. All of our courses use animations, simulations, and quizzes to teach you the skills you will need to become an HVAC tech.

Do hiring managers like online courses like this?

Absolutely. We designed these courses with hiring managers from large HVAC companies to be sure that everything in the course is essential and approved by them. Also, hiring managers love simulations since it gives them a better understanding of how you apply the knowledge you learned in the course. That gives you an advantage over anyone who has just been studying a textbook.

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