Electricity: Fundamentals and Skills

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Introduction to Electricity

Introduces electrical terms and concepts, including voltage, amperage, resistance, continuity, and many more.

Basic Circuits and Components

Explains the main requirements of a circuit, a power source, a load, and a way for the electricity to travel. Introduces secondary electrical components like relays.

Introduction to Magnetism

Introduces magnetism terms and concepts and explores how magnetism is used in HVAC components like motors.

Measurements and Conversions

This topic teaches you how to take measurements in a circuit, and how to convert different units such as power, voltage, wattage, and more.

AC and DC Power

Breaks down the differences between alternating current and direct current.

Meters, Switches, Loads

This topic covers important secondary components found in circuits including meters, switches, and different types of loads.

Other Common Components

Includes explanations of transformers, semiconductors, capacitors, and other commonly found components within circuits.

How to Use a Multimeter

Describes the process of using a multimeter in depth, including how to debug a circuit, taking different types of measurements, and using the multimeter in the field.

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