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Science Fundamentals

HVAC Trade Math

Physics & Chemistry

Mechanical Skills

Key Hand Tools

Piping and Tubing System

Brazing & Soldering

Electrical Skills

How to Use a Multimeter

Wiring Diagrams

Basic Wiring 

Electrician Training

Residential Electric Circuit Components

Residential Electric Circuit Wiring

Plumbing Fundamentals

Introduction to Plumbing Fixtures

Introduction to Drain, Waste, Vent, and Water Distribution Systems

Plumbing Skills

Introduction to Plumbing Fixtures

Introduction to Drain, Waste, Vent, and Water Distribution Systems

Maintenance Skills

Residential Maintenance Skills

Carpentry Skills

Basics of Carpentary

Construction Skills

Painting, Patchwork, and Masonry

HVAC Concepts

Intro To HVAC

Refrigeration Theory

Refrigeration Equipment

Heating Theory

Heating Systems

Airflow Systems

Electrical Systems & Controls

Complete Residential Systems

HVAC Maintenance

EPA Certification

EPA 608 Universal


HVAC Safety Basics

Emergency and Fire Safety Procedures

Soft Skills

Customer Oriented Service

Electricity Fundamentals


Frequently asked questions

Will you help me get hired after the course?

Once you complete the online training, you will have the option to join our talent network. We have partnered with leading HVAC companies, and they are all hiring right now! Companies will look for new hands from this talent pool since you have proven your ability through training simulations and testing.

Do I need a computer for online training?

To take our free online course, you will need either a phone, or tablet, or computer with an internet connection. A lot of our graduates took classes while they were on the job site or in between jobs. Our courses are super convenient and always accessible.

How is our Training Free?

At SkillCat, our mission is to bring more people into the skilled trades. Through SkillCat Academy, we're offering a fully online trade school 100% free for any students. Our goal is to bring more techs into the industry. If you take a course from us, you can join our jobs platform. HVAC companies pay us to hire workers from our platform. Workers get free training & HVAC jobs. Companies can easily hire all the talent they need. Win, win, win!

What is the best free online certificate course for maintenance training?

Our students say it's us. Why don't you check it out yourself? Just go through our list of courses, all of the courses are completely free and available online!

How can I become a better maintenance technician?

Improve your skills with our course on maintenance training. We provide the best content in a properly structured manner to help you grow.