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Test and Hire  Skilled Workers with AI

Our AI simulation tests a technicians' hard & soft skills more effectively and easily than a resume and in-person interviews.

Our Simulation Assesses

mech 1.png
Mechanical Skills

Identify the right tools &
process to take apart piping

saf 1.png

Safety mindset when faced with time pressure.

ss 1.png
Soft Skills

Ability to follow instructions & ask the right questions

Assess Your Worker’s
Mechanical Aptitude

Our Mechanical Aptitude simulation identifies the best candidates out there

Screen technicians who can identify correct tools and use them correclty

Screen technicians who can learn new concepts quickly and follow instructions properly

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Country wide
Worker Database

Get access to the pool of verified worker profiles whose skills are tested and certified by this AI simulation.

Sort top workers actively seeking opportunities

Apply additional filters to sort by location, qualification, past experience

Post Job Ads or directly contact the technician of your choice with our platform

We Can Help
You find the best Technicians out there