Online Mechanical Aptitude Test

Our AI simulation tests technicians' hard & soft skills better than an interview.


What We Assess

Mechanical Skills

Identify the right tools & process to take apart piping


Safety mindset when faced with time pressure

Soft Skills

Ability to follow instructions & ask the right questions

Hire candidates who can work & learn independently.

Mechanical aptitude is the single most important criteria in a new technician

Screen out technicians who can't use tools & don't prioritize safety

Find the perfect candidate who can quickly self-learn any mechanical skill

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Simulation Screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this compare to other aptitude tests?

Most aptitude tests measure physics knowledge, not real job skills. Our assessment is focused on assessing the skills that a strong new hire would need. This includes tool knowledge, safety, assembly/disassembly, and all the soft skills involved in being able to learn a new mechanical task from scratch without constant management. If a candidate does well on our test, they have spent time working with their hand & will excel in a mechanical role.

Is the test online only?

Yes! Our test is completely online. All you have to do is send a link and review scores. No in person tests and no scoring tests by hand. Our assessment is the fastest way to assess potential hires.

How is the test scored?

We're training our test to utilize artificial intelligence to predict technician level. We have thousands of technicians going through our model and training it. When you get a score, it's predicting how strong of a technician you are assessing based on the thousands of people who have gone through it in the past. Our algorithm prioritizes the following skills: 1. Ability to Learn 2. Reading Instructions 3. Asking Questions 4. Safety 5. Tool Selection 6. Tool Usage 7. Piping Disassembly 8. Piping Assembly