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HVAC Supply Chain Woah's

Every tech, business owner, and supply house alike has had some sort of issue due to the break in our supply chain in 2022. Though it began due to the Covid-19 pandemic with worker shortages as sickness befell our brethren and or their families, many new obstacles have come into play since.

From material shortages, to shipping increase, to incredible inflation, it seems there's no end in sight for when our industry will get back to some form of normalcy. I'm here to tell you, there is an end, it just wont be any time soon.

According to Deloitte, the semi conductor chip shortage will surely continue through the rest of 2022 and may (god forbid) spill into 2023.. Half a year is a long time, but with this one piece reeking so much havoc on our ability to obtain new equipment, at least we know what to expect. The metal shortage has a sunnier forecast, with metals like steel and copper funneling back into the US after trade tariffs halted imports, we're looking at a drop in prices and rise in availability by the end of 2022. Lets hope!

HVAC companies can survive by getting creative! WORK WITH MULTIPLE SUPPLIERS! Some suppliers may receive parts and equipment before others. Be on that list, and COMMUNICATE with your supply houses, be as up front about the need as possible, but don't be greedy, if we all fall so does the bridge we call HVAC! Last but not least, ORDER MATERIALS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE! Make sure you're using software and communicating with your techs so nothing slips through the cracks! The last thing you want is an even angrier customer.

Let's try to get through this guys, this industry survived the Great Depression, the recessions of 1984 and 2008... remember divided we fall. Help each other out!


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