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Hey, again guys and dolls,

Soooooo, apparently, I am now officially the Ambassador for women here at SkillCat. From what I understand, I will be doing a monthly webinar for women in the HVAC industry, create a social media entry, or Vlog, weekly and keep everyone updated as I go with useful information that pertains to women in our industry. I am actually super excited about this.

MOST days I'm faced with challenges and obstacles related to being of the female sex in a world dominated by the opposite and it will be my pleasure to help all of my fellow HVAChicks through the same struggles and remind you all that there is a light at the end of that dimly lit tunnel. At least then, the lack of understanding, confusion, and yes, outright misogyny that I face in my career will have a comical, yet informative side making it all worth it at the end of the day. Thank you SkillCat for believing in me from day one, and thank you as well, fierce women of the world, for daring to be unapologetically YOU.

I'm here to help get you through it with not only my Webinars but (keep an eye out for a link to) my brand new social media page and group which will be affectionately titled "HVAChick's: Rocking The Trade Boat with SkillCat". There, I will be sharing snippets of my daily life as a female service tech, including all the juicy, relatably hilarious, sometimes forlorn but always exciting details of the struggles and small victories I accomplish each day. Stories of men asking questions and learning from me, also some of them NOT doing any of that, and of course, the riveting mishaps I've created all on my own that will hopefully remind you that we are all human, regardless of sex.

BE KIND HVACHICKS - That is what sets us apart. <3

Until Next Time

~* Jennifer ~*


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