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Let's Go Solar!

As we all know, Solar is leading the way for sustainable energy. Many large tech companies, and HVAC manufacturers are breaking into sustainable energy to keep costs down, and production up!

There are a few different options we could talk about, as far as swapping our current HVAC system for solar, but for the sake of not boring my readers, I'll stick to the two major ways of implementing solar power, in HVAC applications.

The first of which is Solar-Powered. Solar powered AC is usually a heat pump system, that utilizes PV panels. The beauty of this application is that if your system uses DC power, the electricity goes straight to your system BEFORE being stored in batteries or other solar units you may have connected. This means your system is truly "solar powered" directly. Solar powered is the best way at this time to go 100% sustainable with your HVAC system.

The second is solar thermal. In solar-thermal applications, flat plates collect the wattage from the sun, to power a generator. The generator is then used to power our AC compressor. Now, as you can see, solar thermal is not the most popular this day and age because we cannot use the generator to power the fans or other components of the system, it will ONLY power the compressor, so some standard power supply is still needed to use your system. This was the original plan however, for solar powered HVAC systems, and is great for those who still want to keep conventional power, but want to cut cost and energy usage.

No matter which application you choose, the benefits of going solar are never ending. From the environment to your wallet there are countless reasons to convert, which is why many manufacturers are now building sustainable systems, and even using solar to power their plants and factories!

Whatever your reason for converting to a solar HVAC application, make sure you hire the right company to install it! Not just any old HVAC company is educated in sustainable applications, and its important to do your research before making the leap!


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