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Online HVAC Career Fair - September 15th, 2020

Free Online HVAC Career Fair

SkillCat is excited to announce our online career fair for HVAC technicians. The event will be free for companies and workers to attend. Here is a bit more about the event:

  • SkillCat, a Stanford led team, is organizing a nationwide online HVAC career fair.

  • Recruiters will meet qualified HVAC technicians in their area

  • The event will be free for workers/companies to address HVAC worker shortages.

Why Does The HVAC Industry Need A Career Fair?

Due to a lack of trained workers, 75% of companies cannot fill their open trade positions. To fill this gap, SkillCat is organizing an online career fair to attract more talent to the HVAC industry.

Due to a lack of trained workers, 75% of companies cannot fill open trade positions.

We are also focusing on bringing oil & gas workers into HVAC. Oil & gas workers already have knowledge of safety, mechanical/electrical systems, and hard work. They are ideal hires for the HVAC industry.

Be Prepared For Your Interviews

SkillCat will provide free online training to all workers who register for the event. Our courses ditch the textbook. We use animation and simulations to teach you critical HVAC skills that you will use on the job.

Do you already have HVAC experience? Great! Use our online courses as review. You will definitely get recruiters attention.

Find Qualified Candidates

All workers at the HVAC career fair will have taken our assessment. As a recruiter, you can view workers scores before you set up interviews. Our assessment let you see how workers will perform on the job.

That means higher retention rates and lower costs for your business.

Our goal is to take away the guess work of hiring. We want you to be confident that your new hires can do the job. Pre-screened workers mean higher retention rates and lower costs for your business.

Benefits Of Online Career Fairs

With COVID, online career fairs are the future. Forget about the packed auditoriums, long lines to talk to recruiters, and travel time. Online career fairs let you find a new job without leaving your home.

Event details

The event will take place on September 15th, 2020, from 9am-3pm PST. You can find more information at our website:

About SkillCat

SkillCat is helping thousands of workers join the skilled trades. We offer accredited training, assessments, and hiring assistance.


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