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Replacement of a wax ring

Toilet Troubleshooting and Replacement: Chapter 2

Replacement Of Wax Ring

By the end of this module, you should be able to describe the following the complete process of replacing a wax ring. Skip to quiz!

Replacement of Wax Ring

Damaged components need to be replaced. To become a good plumber, you must learn the various components' replacement procedures. First, we’ll learn the replacement procedure for a damaged wax ring.

If you observe water leakage on the floor around the toilet’s base, the wax ring may be damaged or worn out. In this case, you need to replace the toilet wax ring.

Follow the following steps to replace a wax ring.

  • Dry any water that leaked onto the floor,

  • Check if the water leaks from the tank,

  • Flush the toilet,

  • Dry any additional water on the floor,

  • Turn off the shut-off valve to stop the tank from refilling,

  • Remove the tank lid and flush to empty the tank,

  • Disconnect the supply line from the tank,

  • Bail out the remaining water from the tank and the bowl using a sponge,

  • Then remove the caps at the base of the bowl,

  • Also, remove the nuts beneath the caps,

  • Lift the toilet bowl carefully and place it on a towel somewhere safe,

  • Then, scrape away the damaged wax ring using a putty knife,

  • Check for any cracks or deformation in the floor flange,

  • Then, place a new wax ring on the floor flange,

  • Place the toilet on the wax ring carefully,

  • Then press the toilet down firmly to ensure a good seal,

  • Then reconnect the bolts and the supply line to the tank,

  • Turn on the shut-off valve and fill the tank with water, and

  • Flush again, check for leaks in the system, and reinstall the tank lid.

You have learned to replace the wax ring.

In this module, you have learned how to replace a wax ring.


Question #1: When do you have to replace a wax ring? (Select all that apply)

  1. When you see water leakage on the floor

  2. If the wax seal is damaged

  3. If the tank-to-bowl gasket is worn out

  4. If the water leaks from the toilet tank

Scroll down for the answer...

Answer: When you see water leakage on the floor

If the wax seal is damaged

You must replace the wax ring if the water leaks on the floor and the wax seal is damaged.


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