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Course overview

Introduction to Evaporators

Learn about the different parts and properties of the evaporators.

Different Types of Evaporators

Animations introduce students

to the different types of evaporators.

Introduction to Compressors

Know how to identify the different parts and properties of compressors.

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Visually appealing animations

Get hands-on practice with a gamified, interactive simulation on every refrigeration concept.

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Frequently asked questions

Will you help me get hired after the course?

Once you complete the online HVAC training, you will have the option to join our talent network. We have partnered with leading HVAC companies, and they are all hiring right now! Companies will look for new hands from this talent pool since you have proven your ability through training simulations and testing.

How do the simulations work?

We developed the HVAC training simulations based on real-world scenarios that you will encounter as an HVAC technician. These simulations allow us to test you on the information you just learned, and they teach you how to apply the knowledge to practical tasks.

What is covered in the course?

The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Refrigeration Systems
  • How Does the Refrigeration System Work?
  • Refrigeration Cycle Components