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Guarantee jobs for your students
Attract more students to your program by guaranteeing them jobs and EPA 608 certification
For Trade Schools
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We work with hiring companies in every state & major city
No matter where your students are located or looking to work, we have companies that are eager to hire them. 
See Hiring Results, Fast
Tarrance McKeon
Commercial HVAC Tech

SkillCat got me a job fast. I completed my profile and commercial HVAC companies started calling me for interviews two days later.

Joshua Hickman
Commercial HVAC Tech

SkillCat was really easy to use, and I found a great job through them. They even sent me a bottle of bourbon for getting hired!

Sandy Louisa
Residential HVAC Tech

SkillCat got me my first HVAC job in less than 2 weeks. It was so easy. I got a text from a great company within days of signing up.

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How does this work?


Sign up your trade school
SkillCat will create a landing page unique to your school
Students will register through your school's landing page. 
Once your students are in our system, we will start sending out their resumes!




Getting your students EPA Certified has never been easier
Our companies pay workers 20% more when workers have their EPA 608 certification. You'll be able to track your student's progress, and we'll help you motivate them to continue!
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Thank you and SkillCat for all the help. It gave me a $4/hr raise at my place of employment. I'll def spread the word out.

-Ryan, HVAC Tech

Why you should sign up
Your student's resumes will be sent out every week
100+ Companies looking to interview & hire your students
Free EPA certification for all of your students
The largest HVAC Companies in the world use SkillCat
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