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Attend our online events to learn about our awesome products, meet lead HVAC instructors, engage with the SkillCat tech community, and much more.

Kickstart your HVAC journey with SkillCat.

Upcoming Events

Session: SkillCat HVAC Instructor

Join our live doubt clearing session open to all where you get the chance to interact with our lead HVAC instructor to clear your doubts. 

Time: 7pm CT


Gregory Schpakow

Completed Events

Webinar: Women in the HVAC Industry

Our first LIVE Open House webinar where our star student Jennifer shares the inspiring story of her struggles in the HVAC industry before landing her dream job. SkillCat salutes the Women in the HVAC industry and pledges to empower workers by providing them free training and their dream HVAC job.

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