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Our curriculum has been built with partners who are actively hiring new hands.


Learn by doing 

  • 100% Online

  • Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone accessible 

  • Virtual animations for every difficult concept

  • Game-like simulations for every key job skill

No Cost

  • All training is free

  • Only pay if you find work through our platform

Improve your life

After our bootcamp, you can pass the NWSA TTT-1 exam


1. Tower Climber Aptitude Test

  • Assess your safety, electrical, and mechanical skills

  • Get placed into course material that fits your level

2. Basic Construction Safety (OSHA)

  • Receive an OSHA-10 hour Construction certificate

  • Key concepts covered through pictures & video

  • Emphasis on scenario-based safety thinking

3. Job Logistics

  • RF Awareness, Worksite Safety, Diagrams

  • Simulation: Assemble a 4’ antenna mount on ground

4. Climbing (NWSA)

  • Fall Protection & Rescue

  • Simulation: Prepare to work at height and climb into position to work

5. Hoisting & Rigging (NWSA)

  • Base Mounted, Capstan, and Personnel Hoisting

  • Simulation: Tie three common knots  

6. Structures (NWSA)

  • Tower Inspection & Modification

  • Routine Maintenance Tools & Methods

7. Appurtenance Installation and Maintenance (NWSA)

  • Antenna, Cable, & Dish Installation

  • Simulation: Mount a 4’ antenna to a tower

  • Simulation: Install jumper connection from antenna to a feed line connectio

  • Simulation: Perform a weather proofing exercise

8. Equipment/Special Operations (NWSA)

  • Aerial Work

  • Welding, Cutting, & Hot Work

Improve your life

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is the online Wireless Training course set up?

When building the course, our goal was to make online Wireless technology training as fun, interesting, and exciting as possible! With that goal in mind, we have put a tremendous amount of multimedia material into our courses. As a student, you will never just be reading or listening to text- this is definitely not a textbook!

Every single part of our courses is full of powerful graphics, informative animations, and real-life images from Wireless technology. After each lesson- and within many lessons- you will be asked to answer Wireless technician questions or do Wireless technology system calculations focused on what you just learned. These Wireless technology exercises make learning a lot more interactive and fun.

Will you help me get hired after the course?

Once you complete the online Wireless technology training, you will have the option to join our talent network. We have partnered with leading Wireless technology companies and they are all hiring right now! Companies will look for new hands from this talent pool since you have proven your ability through training simulations and testing.

How much does the online HVAC training cost?

Nothing! Our online Wireless technology training is completely free and we have made it as simple as possible. We took out all the filler which can make similar programs take up to a year, and worked with hiring managers to teach you the skills that you need to know to start your career in Wireless technology.

How do the simulations work?

We developed the Wireless technology training simulations based on real-world scenarios that you will encounter as an Wireless technician. These simulations allow us to test you on the information you just learned, and they teach you how to apply the information to practical tasks. 

Do hiring managers like online courses like this?

Absolutely. We designed these courses with hiring managers from large Wireless technology companies so you can be sure that everything in the course is important and approved by them. In addition, hiring managers love simulations since it gives them a better understanding of how you apply the knowledge you learned in the course. That gives you an advantage over anyone who has just been studying a textbook.

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