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EPA 608

Core Content

EPA 608

Type I

EPA 608

Type II

EPA 608

 Type III


EPA Core Content

The EPA Core covers topics including, substitute refrigerants and oils, refrigeration basics, introduces recovery techniques, dehydration evacuation, and safety.

EPA Type I

The Type I EPA Certification discusses recovery techniques and requirements for small home appliances. Basic leak detection knowledge will be taught.


The Type II EPA Certification explores leak detection, recovery, and evacuation for servicing or disposing of high pressure appliances.


The Type III EPA Certification is for servicing or disposing of low-pressure appliances. Additional safety surrounding these procedures is covered at length.

EPA Universal Certification

The EPA 608 Universal Certification is highly recommended for HVAC service technicians to be able to service all types of equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to wait to receive my grade on the test?

Students will be immediately notified of their grade, online, after test completion.

Will you help me get hired after the course?

Once you complete the online HVAC training, you will have the option to join our talent network. We have partnered with leading HVAC companies, and they are all hiring right now! Companies will look for new hands from this talent pool since you have proven your ability through training simulations and testing.

Is there a textbook for the online HVAC training?

No textbooks here! We wanted to design a free, online HVAC course that wasn't boring. All of our courses use animations, simulations, and quizzes to teach you the skills you will need to become an HVAC tech.

Will I have to go in person to take the test?

No, our EPA 608 certification is 100% online. Once you sign up, you get to pick a date to take the test online. Grades are available to the student right after test completion.

Will I get my EPA certificate in the mail?

On completion, we will provide a digital certificate for the student in an easy-to-print PDF format with proctor approval.

Are you certified by the EPA?

Yes, we're certified by the EPA. You can view our approval letter here.

Does your organization comply with the EPA regulations?

Yes. As a testing organization in multiple industries, we make sure all tests are proctored and our team is complying with EPA regulations at all times. Our learning management system randomly selects questions for each student. As our system is fully digital, the scoring process of students is 100% automated. We will only pass students if they receive a minimum of 70% score for all levels (Type I, Type II, Type III, and Universal).

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