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Our Mission

At Skillcat, we strive to create a better future for blue-collar workers by providing accessible courses on our app. We offer many courses through our app to help people quickly get the certificates they need for their careers. Our team works hard to make sure these courses are practical and helpful, making learning enjoyable and effective. Our goal is to help as many people as possible start careers they love in skilled trades, without it being too expensive or difficult. Join us at Skillcat to learn a trade, get certified, and build a career you're proud of.

Meet the team

Our Ambassadors

We wouldn't be here without our amazing team of ambassadors. They are constantly helping us develop our app by providing valuable feedback and sharing it with the skilled trade community. 


Jennifer Manzo

Jennifer was one of SkillCats' very first students, and she has since started her own very successful HVAC company! She is our women's ambassador, helping to empower more women to get into the trades!


Urian Darling

Urian is a successful HVAC technician, father of 3, and is studying to get his electrical and plumbing licenses! Talk about doing it all! He loves helping people find their dream career in the skilled trades!


Terrel Pritchett

Terrel loves to learn and is constantly seeking more opportunities to gain new skills. He has worked jobs in various skilled trades and is hoping to continue improving himself so he can continue helping people.


Christopher Bonilla

Christopher has been an HVAC technician for the last 6 years and recently started his own HVAC company. He is constantly looking to improve his skills and keep them up to date. He also uses SkillCat to train his HVAC helpers!


Anna Ervin

Anna is a rockstar plumber that knows how to get down to it and work hard. She loves to share the work she does with others and get more people into the trades. You can find her on the SkillCat Tiktok!


Randy Sanchez

Randy has been a residential HVAC technician for the past year in NC. He knows the rule of HVAC; the more you know, the more successful you are. He pushes himself daily to be a better technician and learn new skills. 

SkillCat Advisors

Our advisors are the backbone of SkillCat. They are always there when we need advice or a helping hand. They have helped us create an app that both companies and workers use daily.


Alyssa Slater

Alyssa Slater currently serves as the Assistant Dean of Students at Anderson Career Builder Institute (part of Anderson Plumbing Heating and Air).   Anderson Career Builder Institute focuses on helping Women and Veterans enter the trade through their “earn while you learn” program.

Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 9.45_edited.jpg

Joseph Amegatcher

Rite way’s known for Helping People Live Better in their Homes. As part of our PEOPLE team, I am charged with finding candidates who bring an entrepreneurial spirit and a diversity of thought to all they do. 


Terry Young

As CEO of P3 Services, his has a vision of becoming the premier provider of construction and services. The organization is focused on providing our customers with high quality projects and building services utilizing the latest in technology and innovation


Gregory Schpakow

HVACR Technician and Contractor. As a master HVAC technician Greg has seen it all. He knows the ins and outs of the industry and is looking for more ways he can transfer his knowledge to more technicians.

Behind The Scenes


Ruchir Shah

Ruchir has been working with skilled trade workers since he graduated from Stanford. His dream has always been to solve the skilled trade shortage and help blue collar workers find high-paying jobs. Thanks to all of you, his dreams are coming true.


Eric Graven

Head of Company Growth
If you're looking for someone who's talked to over 200 HVAC, plumbing and electrical companies, Eric is your guy. Eric helps ensure we create an app that both companies and workers will love.


Tiffany Parker

Associate Product Manager
Tiffany has developed mobile apps and games early on in her career, and has explored the Digital Marketing space extensively. She's focused on making SkillCat a product that is easy and exciting to use, and that brings out the best in technicians looking to upskill and find their dream job.



Emi Avtalion

Head of User Growth
Emi worked with plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians on one of the largest projects in Washington D.C. Inspired by this project, Emi is now helping more people find their dream blue-collar career through SkillCat!


Dominic Cheung

Product Manager
Former HVAC technician turned into a product and content Wiz! Dominic uses his HVAC experience and helps SkillCat produce more high-quality courses and career paths. His expertise is an essential asset to the SkillCat team.


Brendan Arsenault

Bussiness Development Rep
Brendan worked as a manufacturers rep throughout New England for a year and a half working with Plumbers, HVAC, and Electrical techs daily. he worked with the largest wholesaler in the Northeast to bring new products into the market. 

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