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HVAC Fundamentals

Intro to HVAC

1-hour Intro to how HVAC works! HVAC systems, how HVAC works, and different types of HVAC units.

HVAC Fundamentals

EPA 608 Type 1

EPA Type 1 certification - refrigeration certification to service small appliances 

HVAC Fundamentals

How to Use a Multimeter

How to use a multimeter to measure current, resistance, capacitance, continuity, voltage, and temperature

HVAC Fundamentals

NATE Ready To Work

NATE Ready To Work certification - basic tools & HVAC knowledge. Everything you need to know to pass the NATE exam.

HVAC Fundamentals

EPA 608 Type 2

EPA Type 2 certification - certification to service high pressure appliances 

HVAC Fundamentals

Refrigeration Systems

Fundamentals of the refrigeration cycle and key components including the compressor, condensor, and evaporator

HVAC Fundamentals

EPA 608 Universal

EPA 608 Universal certification - refrigeration certification to service all types of appliances. Covers Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3

HVAC Fundamentals

EPA 608 Type 3

EPA Type 3 certification - certification to service low pressure appliances 

Courses Coming Soon!


Brazing & Soldering

The theory & practical skills behind brazing & soldering in the trades


Electrical Troubleshooting

Fundamentals of electric troubleshooting in simple circuits, complex circuits, and complex electrical systems

HVAC Fundamentals

Heating Systems

Fundamentals of heating systems including the furnace & heat pump

HVAC Fundamentals

Complete Systems

Fundamentals of how HVAC equipment interacts together in typical residential & commercial HVAC systems

Soft Skills

Professional Development

Fundamental professional behavior including reading instructions, asking questions, teamwork, and effective communication


Key Hand Tools

How to identify & use basic hand tools - everything from Righty Tighty Leftie Loosie to basic sheet metal equipment


Electricity Fundamentals

Fundamental Electricity for the trades: key electricity concepts, electrical math, circuits, switches & loads 


Basic Wiring

How to correctly wire electrical equipment together

HVAC Fundamentals

Airflow Systems

Basics of airflow systems and ducktwork

HVAC Servicing

Maintenance Call Procedures

Routine HVAC servicing procedures, including inspections, cleaning, filter changing, and other common maintenance procedures

Soft Skills

Customer Oriented Service

How to interact with customers - the basics of customer service & customer communication in many different scenarios



Piping assembly & disassembly: how to trim, bend, connect, and fit piping together


Wiring Diagrams

Key symbols on electrical diagrams & how to read a simple & complex wiring diagram

Science Fundamentals

Applied Math

Trade Math fundamentals to be a competent technician; basic arithmetic, algebra, measurements, and units

HVAC Fundamentals

Electrical Systems

Fundamental electrical equipment in HVAC, including motors, thermostats, contactors, motor starters, HVAC wiring diagrams, and HVAC wiring


Safety Basics

Fundamental safety basics for any construction worksite

Science Fundamentals

Physics & Chemistry

Fundamental Physics & Chemistry for the trades: force, energy, matter, pressure, and temperature


Frequently asked questions

How Is the online HVAC Training course set up?

When building the course, our goal was to make online HVAC training fun, engaging, and exciting! With that goal in mind, we have put a tremendous amount of multimedia material into our courses. As a student, you will never just be reading or listening to text- this is not a textbook! Every single part of our courses is full of compelling graphics, informative animations, and real-life images from HVAC systems. After each lesson- and within many lessons- you will be asked to answer HVAC technician questions or do HVAC system calculations focused on what you just learned. These HVAC system exercises make learning a lot more interactive and fun.

Will you help me get hired after the course?

Once you complete the online HVAC training, you will have the option to join our talent network. We have partnered with leading HVAC companies, and they are all hiring right now! Companies will look for new hands from this talent pool since you have proven your ability through training simulations and testing.

How much does the online HVAC training cost?

Nothing! Our online HVAC training is entirely free, and we have made it as simple as possible. We took out all the filler, which can cause similar programs to take up to a year, and worked with hiring managers to teach you the skills that you need to know to start your career in HVAC.

How do the simulations work?

We developed the HVAC training simulations based on real-world scenarios that you will encounter as an HVAC technician. These simulations allow us to test you on the information you just learned, and they teach you how to apply the knowledge to practical tasks.

Do I need a computer for online HVAC training?

To take our free online HVAC course, you will need a phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection. A lot of our graduates took classes while they were on the job site or in between jobs. The HVAC course is super convenient and always accessible.

Is there a textbook for the online HVAC training?

No textbooks here! We wanted to design a free, online HVAC course that wasn't boring. All of our courses use animations, simulations, and quizzes to teach you the skills you will need to become an HVAC tech.

Do hiring managers like online courses like this?

Absolutely. We designed these courses with hiring managers from large HVAC companies to be sure that everything in the course is essential and approved by them. Also, hiring managers love simulations since it gives them a better understanding of how you apply the knowledge you learned in the course. That gives you an advantage over anyone who has just been studying a textbook.

How is our HVAC Training Free?

At SkillCat, our mission is to bring more people into the skilled trades. Through SkillCat Academy, we're offering a fully online trade school 100% free for any students. Our goal is to bring more HVAC techs into the industry. If you take a course from us, you can join our jobs platform. HVAC companies pay us to hire workers from our platform. Workers get free HVAC training & HVAC jobs. Companies can easily hire all the talent they need. Win, win, win!

How is our EPA test fully online?

The EPA has approved SkillCat to offer the EPA test for EPA 608 certification 100% online. We have a virtual proctor that monitors to make sure you're not cheating through your device webcam (over Zoom), and we have an AI proctoring plugin that makes sure you are following all EPA rules. Through our program, you can get your EPA certification from home in hours! Take our online course, finish your proctored exam, and print out your EPA card. It's that easy.

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