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Course Accreditation 

Accredited by IACET, and approved by NATE, and the EPA, you can feel confident that all the training you get through your SkillCat membership will provide you with high-quality skills.

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Skillcat offers comprehensive courses tailored for the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification, a top HVACR qualification. Endorsed by NATE, Skillcat enables technicians to prepare for various NATE certifications, showing our commitment to providing industry-leading training.


The International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) is recognized as the premier standard in professional training accreditations. Skillcat, in attaining the ANSI/IACET accreditation, has met rigorous standards to ensure its training programs rank among the world's most distinguished in quality.


Skillcat offers concise online video training and EPA 608 Universal Certification exam proctoring, encompassing Core, Types I, II, and III appliances. This certification empowers technicians to handle refrigerants legally and safely.

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Trade School Diplomas & Continuing Education Credits

Enroll in SkillCat's Trade School, a distinguished and prestigious trade institution. Access IACET-accredited courses offering continuing education credits, recognized by state licensure boards and employers, ensuring your education is respected and valuable in the industry.

The fastest way to get your EPA 608 Certification for $10

You can find SkillCat on the list of approved providers on the EPA websiteOnce you become a SkilllCat member, you have access to training, practice exams, and the official proctored EPA 608 Exams. 


NATE HVAC Certifications

The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Certifications are the most well-known within the HVAC Industry and are recognized nationwide. 

By becoming a SkillCat member you get courses that are approved and will prepare you for the NATE Professional Exams. 

Hear from SkillCat Members


Christopher, HVAC Business Owner

This is an excellent program. I highly recommend it. I'm unbelievably impressed with the course content and the way it is paced and divided into small modules. Thank you for putting this program together.


Randy, HVAC Technician

I cannot say enough about how valuable this app can be for people either looking to enter the trades or people needing recertification. Learned way more on SkillCat than at Trade School.


Terrel, Maintenance Technician

Excellent material , presentation, and support, for these reasons, I highly reccommend. This material and all included is far superior to anything else I found online.

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HVAC Residential Trade School
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