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We've helped over 300,000 technicians get the certificates, diplomas, and skills they need for a successful career!

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All Certifications Needed



The easiest way to get every certification and diploma that your employers are looking for. 

Accredited by IACET, & approved by the EPA and NATE. Learn more here.

24/7 access to all courses & troubleshooting guides from your phone, computer or iPad

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Get your Certifications Fast
  • EPA 608 

  • Trade School Diplomas

  • OSHA-10

  • CPO


Get certified without leaving your couch! With a 98% pass rate, you can chill and still nail your certifications.


Don't just take our word for it.

Hear stories from SkillCat Members

This app is beyond amazing, So helpful and easy to study with how they set up the program it teaches you exactly what you need to know & also quizzes you midway through a course which I find extremely helpful in remembering the answers without it going in one ear & out the other!! Over all great app I highly recommend!

Lost my desk job after 19 years and had to reinvent myself, but there is a huge learning curve to overcome. This app makes learning feasible. Thank you, SkillCat!

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Gain the Skills and Certifications you need for a successful HVAC Career



Learn all of the Electrician skills you need to get a high-paying apprenticeship



Training that'll teach you the skills you need to succeed in the industry

Plumbing Training

Appliance Repair

Training to make you feel job-ready everyday


Empowering the Most Successful Technicians

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