Our HVAC Assessment Is Better Than A Resume

Verify technician skills before you hire them & bring retention to 95%

"SkillCat was the best hiring service that I have used. The process was simple, and they brought me great candidates who are able to do the job."

John Barrett

Owner Of Fuss Free AC


Our HVAC assessment verifies aptitude & job skills

SkillCat's resume shows you how candidates will perform on key job skills.

Pre-Screened Techs

Our simulator verifies key job skills for every HVAC technician

Local Talent

Search our database of workers you can hire today

Improved Retention

Increase your retention rate to 95% with pre-screened technicians


A Simulation For Key Job Skills

We use simulations to test technicians on safety, HVAC knowledge, mechanical aptitude, and electrical aptitude.

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Search our database of vetted workers you can hire today.

Our database includes certifications, simulation scores, and years of experience

Potential Candidates:


Former Floorhand who is a proven genius with a wrench


Former safety manager with years of no recorded incidents


Former Driller with 5 years of experience with electrical equipment

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