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Assessment Topics

I.    Piping A Gas Furnace

1.1 Identify Unions, Shutoff Valves, And Piping

1.2 Determine Pipe Size And Layout

1.3 Apply The Correct Amount Of Pipe Lube

IV.     Wire A Simple AC Circuit

4.1 Read A Schematic

4.2 Electrical Safety 

4.3 Correctly Wiring Components

1.4 Check For Leaks

II.    Residential Unit Identification

2.1 Heating Element Identification

2.2 Cooling Element Identification

2.3 Fan, Motor, And Filter Identification

IV.    Identify Safety Hazards

5.1 Identify Fire Hazards

5.2 Identify Escape Routes

5.3 Identify Fall Risks

III.    Troubleshoot A Fuse Box

3.1 Electrical Safety

3.2 Correctly Opening The Panel

3.3 Using A Multimeter To Check Fuses

3.4 Determine Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this compare to other aptitude tests?

Most aptitude tests measure physics knowledge, not real job skills. Our assessment is focused on assessing the skills that a strong hire would need. This includes tool knowledge, safety, assembly/disassembly, and more. If a candidate does well on our test, they have spent time working with their hands.

Is the test online only?

Yes! Our test is completely online. All you have to do is send a link and review scores. No in person tests and no scoring tests by hand. Our assessment is the fastest way to assess potential hires.

Is there a limit to how many tests I can send out?

Nope! Our assessment is unlimited for each role that you hire for. For example, you can send the assessment to everyone who applies for an HVAC technician role at no extra cost.

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