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Building Exterior Maintenance

Building exterior maintenance is a vital aspect of property management and ownership. This process involves regular upkeep, cleaning, and repairs to maintain the appearance, structural integrity, and overall value of the building.

Building Exterior Maintenance Checklist

  • Check roofing files, contracts, and warranties.

  • Clear debris from roof drains.

  • Inspect the perimeter to check old and new damage to metal and copings.

  • Check roof connections to the wall and roof flashing for tears and wrinkles.

  • Check splits in the stripping plies, if the roof is made out of bitumen.

  • For metal roofs, protect against corrosion.

  • Weed, trim and irrigate a green roof.

  • Conduct a moisture survey to find leaks.

  • Inspect solar panels in the areas around penetrations.

  • Install protection of the roof membrane.

  • Inspect and repair roofs, gutters, and downspouts

  • Check and replace caulking and weather stripping to prevent drafts and leaks

  • Maintain and repair sidewalks, parking lots, and other exterior surfaces

  • Inspect and maintain exterior lighting and security systems

  • Trim trees and shrubs to prevent damage to the building and ensure safety

  • Check the condition of the paint and walls.

  • Check for plants on the building and its foundation.

  • Look for broken windows, doors and railings.

  • Clean drains and gutters on the roof, testing downspouts and drains by flushing them with water.

  • Ensure gutters are anchored appropriately.

  • Inspect the stack and all roof penetrations.

  • Clean up any broken glass or other debris.

  • Examine the condition of the sidewalk, driveway and parking lot.

  • Check storm drains.

  • Check that the area around trash bins is clean.

  • Examine the condition of any fencing.


Why is building exterior maintenance important?

Building exterior maintenance is crucial because it helps preserve the visual appeal and structural integrity of the property. It prevents damage caused by weather conditions and wear, enhances curb appeal, and ensures a safe and inviting environment.

What does building exterior maintenance include?

Building exterior maintenance includes tasks such as cleaning and washing the facade, windows, and surfaces, repairing damaged siding and roofing, inspecting and maintaining gutters and drainage systems, addressing issues with doors and windows, and managing landscaping.

How often should building exteriors be maintained?

The frequency of building exterior maintenance depends on factors like the building's age, location, and environmental conditions. Generally, inspections and maintenance should occur at least once or twice a year, with additional checks after severe weather events.

Can building exterior maintenance prevent water damage?

Yes, regular building exterior maintenance can prevent water damage by identifying and repairing leaks, cracks, and vulnerabilities in the building's envelope. Properly functioning gutters and downspouts also help divert water away from the foundation.

How does building exterior maintenance impact property value?

Well-maintained exteriors positively impact property value by enhancing curb appeal and leaving a favorable impression on potential buyers or tenants. It suggests that the property has been adequately maintained overall.

Should I hire professionals for building exterior maintenance?

It is advisable to hire professionals for building exterior maintenance, especially for complex tasks like roofing repairs, high-rise window cleaning, and specialized inspections. Professionals have the expertise and equipment to handle maintenance effectively and safely.

Can building exterior maintenance help with energy efficiency?

Yes, building exterior maintenance can improve energy efficiency by sealing gaps and cracks, ensuring proper insulation, and maintaining windows and doors. This helps prevent energy loss and reduces heating and cooling costs.

How can I budget for building exterior maintenance?

Budgeting for building exterior maintenance involves estimating the frequency of tasks, identifying potential issues, and considering the costs of professional services. Creating a maintenance plan and setting aside funds accordingly can help manage expenses effectively.

Does building exterior maintenance involve eco-friendly practices?

Many building exterior maintenance providers offer eco-friendly options, such as using biodegradable cleaning products and promoting sustainable practices. Discuss eco-friendly options with maintenance professionals to prioritize environmental responsibility.

What are the consequences of neglecting building exterior maintenance?

Neglecting building exterior maintenance can lead to issues such as structural damage from water leaks and weather exposure, decreased property value, safety hazards due to loose or damaged materials, and costly repairs if problems are left unattended.

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