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Trained Technicians for Maintenance Teams

We asked 400+ directors from Asset Managers and Hospitality Groups what the ideal maintenance tech looks like. Then we designed our platform.

A resource created for you

SkillCat is a startup founded with one goal - to end the skilled trade labor shortage. Our solution comes through a hiring platform that goes hand in hand with online training. We have trained over 70,000 techs and have helped 300+ companies hire, train, and retain their employees. 

Maintenance teams working with SkillCat

No Hand-Holding

Needed training and certifications

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Our technicians seek help from tools and courses in the app before you. We have 300+ courses that cover HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Appliance Repair, and Maintenance. We also have training and certification for EPA 608, OSHA-10, CPO & NATE RTW.

The Best Technicians

We've helped over 70,000 workers succeed as technicians. Our technicians come to us to learn and excel in their careers. As a result, they're motivated, hungry, and looking forward to starting a relationship with your company.

A New Generation of Skills

EPA 608, CPO, OSHA-10, NATE Certifications

HVAC Equipment

Kitchen Appliances

Washing Machines and Dryers

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