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Online Maintenance Trade School Training

All Concepts covered: Get comprehensive maintenance training with all necessary topics covered to start your career

Online Maintenance School: Learn From Anywhere /Anytime and save yourself the cost and time of travel

Low cost school: We value our students, and that's why offer our top-quality training for an affordable cost. 

Earn a Certificate

Earn a certificate on completing the curriculum, and present it to potential maintenance employers to secure a job within no time!


Who we are

#1 Online Maintenance School

Save time

Affordable training

Mobile Friendly 

Learn Via simulation

Save your self the cost and time of travel by taking this course anytime, anywhere

An Average training will cost you $11,000 dollars take this training for less than $10/month.

No Computer? No problem! Study the entire course on our mobile-optimized app

Ditch the boring study material and practice on our interactive 3D simulations for the best hands-on-learning experience.

Maintenance Career Outlook


Great Employability: The U.S. employs a total of over 80,000 maintenance workers. Your chances of getting hired after completing this course are high!


High Growth: The field is expected to grow 7% by 2026, 


Great Job Market: About 1.3 million people currently work as general maintenance workers. 


Course Catalog

HVAC Concepts 

Intro to HVAC

Basic Electrical Systems & Controls

Complete Residential Systems

Complete Residential Systems - Not Earned.png

Routine Maintenance: Residential Systems

Routine Maintenance_  Residential Systems - Not Earned.png

Mechanical Skills

Key Hand Tools


Brazing & Soldering

Electrical Skills

Using a Multimeter

Electricity Fundamentals

Wiring Diagrams

Basic Wiring

Intro to Electrical Troubleshooting

Science Fundamentals

HVAC Trade Math

HVAC Basic Science

Plumbing Fundamentals

Intro to Plumbing

Plumbing Fixtures

Installing and Testing Fixtures

Appliance Repair and Maintenance

Intro to Multifamily Residential Maintenance

Maintaining and Troubleshooting Domestic Refrigerators

 Working of Domestic Refrigerator


Washing Machines

Washing Machines.png

Tumble Dryers

washing machine.png

Toilet Troubleshooting and Replacement


Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

Kitchen Exhaust Hoods.png

Commercial HVAC Systems

Packaged Rooftop Units: Routine Maintenance

 Rooftop Units.png

Air Handling and Distribution: Routine Maintenance

Air handelling .png

Troubleshooting Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units.png

Safety & Soft Skills

Safety Basics

Safety Basics - Not Earned.png

Customer Interactions

EPA 608 Universal Certificate

EPA 608 Universal Certificate

  • How does an online career fair work?
    Our online HVAC career fair works just like an in-person fair, but online. Each company has a zoom room that you can join to ask questions, do an interview, or hear more about the company. The best part is that you can do all of this from your home! No booth lines, packed rooms, or travel time.
  • How do I get hired and send in my resume?
    Resumes are the old way to find a job. After you register for the career fair, fill out your profile. From your profile, employers will be able to see your schooling, experience, and skills! What is more important is the SkillCat assessment. It will test you on your HVAC skills and provide recruiters with a detailed summary of your ability. Do great in the evaluation, and your job prospects will look great!
  • Who is this event for?
    The online career fair is for companies and workers in the HVAC industry. We are mainly focusing on HVAC technicians since they are in such high demand right now. Still, companies will be hiring for other HVAC positions as well!
  • How will I talk to recruiters during the event?
    Each company will have a zoom room, which will remain open during the event. You can pop into a room at any time during the fair to talk with the recruiter. Companies will also be hosting 15-minute presentations throughout the fair if you wanted to learn more about them.
  • Is there a schedule for the event?
    Yes! The event is from 9 am - 3 pm PST. From 9-10 am, there will be an introduction and talks from two keynote speakers. At 10 am, the conference will break up into over 25 different rooms. A recruiter will host each room. Pop into the rooms that look interesting to you and introduce yourself to the recruiter. Simple as that! From 12-12:30 pm PST, there will be a short break. After that, we will split into rooms again, and that will go until 3 pm.
  • Do I have to attend all 6 hours?
    It is excellent if you can attend all 6 hours, but no, you don't have to stay the entire time. We created the career fair so that you can join and leave rooms at any time. The flexibility of Zoom rooms lets you explore companies or take a break if you need one.
  • Can I join the conference on my phone?
    Yes! The conference will be hosted over zoom. All you have to do is download the zoom app before the event, and then click the invite when you want to join. We recommend joining with video on, and your microphone muted. Muting your microphone prevents unwanted background noise, but unmute it whenever you have a question or want to talk!
  • Couldnt find what you were looking for?
    Send us an email at eric[at]skillcatapp[dot]com Those weird brackets are just so the email doesnt get a lot of spam.
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