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August 06, 2  21
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Jennifer Manzo

About this event

The LIVE webinar is about the struggles in the HVAC industry and how to overcome them. This is inspired by the true story of Jennifer Manzo, a mom of 5, who has persistently displayed courage and wisdom in her journey to a dream HVAC job. 

Hear her inspiring story along with common hurdles in the HVAC industry.

Who is Jennifer Manzo?

Jennifer is an amazing HVAC tech and SkillCat's star student who shares SkillCat's vision of helping HVAC workers land a great job.

She has completed all our courses and found them awesome. She wanted to be a part of our team to take our vision to all workers, especially to women!

Hear it from herself!


Jennifer's Plans For The Webinar:

I will be discussing my journey with SkillCat and into the HVAC/R industry, describing some of the obstacles that come with being a woman in the field and sharing tips and advice for overcoming those obstacles!

Being the first of many webinars on this subject, I've spent a great deal of time documenting relevant struggles women face in divisions like mine. That being said, this event will hopefully shed some understanding on males who will (no doubt) be faced with working with females on job sites and offer tips to them as well to help opposing sex partnerships bloom in the field.

We will also talk about break-in issues that are relevant for every person entering the HVAC/R field. There will be something for everyone!