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The Tools You Need

Everything you need to be a successful and independent technician. All on your phone - troubleshooting guides to pool dosage calculators to refrigerant diagnostic tools.

Troubleshooting Guide

Instead of calling your supervisor or a vendor, this tool will help you troubleshoot any appliance. It will walk you through each step until you successfully troubleshoot the appliance. 

Appliance Manuals

Save yourself time and frustration - easily look up user manuals for appliance models by brand. 

Troubleshooting Guide
Appliance manuals
Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance Checklist

A mobile preventative maintenance checklist so you can easily share your tasks with you team and manager. 

Pool Checklist

A mobile pool maintenance checklist so you can keep track of your completed tasks and share with your manager. 

Pool Checklist

Appliance Error Code Look-up

Quickly troubleshoot and resolve appliance error codes. 

Appliance Error Code

Pool Dosage Calculator

Calculate pool chemical dosage quickly and easily.

Pool Volume Calculator

Calculate the volume of various-sized pools. Don't waste time or risk doing in your head and getting it wrong.

Pool Dosage Calculator
Pool Volume Calc

HVAC Error Code Look-up

Error codes for 50+ models, so you don't have to spend hours figuring it out a solution.

HVAC Error Code

Superheat Calculator

Quickly compute superheat for a wide range of refrigerants.

Superheat Calculator

Subcool Calculator

Quickly compute subcool for a wide range of refrigerants.

Subcool Calculator

Refrigerant Diagnostic Tool 

Quickly diagnose using subcool and superheat & get all issues and resolutions.

Refrigerant Diagnostic

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