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A Skilled Trades Teacher & Assistant

We've trained over 300,000 technicians, ensuring they complete jobs fast and successfully.

HVAC Install Career Path Templates by SkillCat
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“Guys are putting in a lot of effort and, and working their way through the learning paths. It's almost like a good book they can’t put down.”

Joe Micciche

Safety Manager

Course Catalog created by techs for techs

With over 300+ hours of training and EPA 608, OSHA-10, and CPO Certifications, technicians get the knowledge they need to succeed.  

A confident green techs in days, not weeks 

Technicians will have the solution to every job on their phones, so you can say goodbye to overwhelmed supervisors.

No such thing as a job a technician cant do

3D simulations so technicians can prepare for all jobs. There is no such thing as being unprepared with SkillCat.

What you can expect from the #1 skilled trades training app


of techs stay committed and train every week. 


tech retention rate with SkillCats green tech Apprenticeship program.


cost decrease due to less outsourcing.


Happy companies!

Empowering the Most Successful Managers

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