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Applying to HVAC jobs takes a lot of work. SkillCat instantly connects you with top HVAC companies across the country — helping you land a job, faster.

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Applying to jobs sucks
Let companies reach out to you

Instantly connect with HVAC companies in your area

No work required by you - sit back and relax

Companies text you to set up interview times

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How do I get started?

Companies reach out to you
Get hired!

How SkillCat helps?

Study from industry oriented courses

Hiring partners love our courses. The courses are designed in partnership with the best HVAC companies and Techs out there.

Get a commited support system

We have a dedicated team that is always ready to help you with trainings, interviews, certifications, etc.

We do all the heavy-lifting for you

We build your resume, send your profile to companies, land you the perfect interview, etc. We do everything to make your life easier.

We get results for technicians


Tarrance McKeon
Commercial HVAC Tech

SkillCat got me a job fast. I completed my profile and commercial HVAC companies started calling me for interviews two days later.


Joshua Hickman
 HVAC Tech

SkillCat was really easy to use, and I found a great job through them. They even sent me a bottle of bourbon for getting hired!


Sandy Louisa
Residential HVAC Tech

SkillCat got me my first HVAC job in less than 2 weeks. It was so easy. HVAC companies started calling me within three days.

Our process puts your needs over the company's.

We help companies adopt excellent hiring practices so interviewing is easy for you.

We call you within 24 hours of signing up

Our team explains where you are in the hiring process

Only talk with companies interested in you

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The largest HVAC Companies in the world use us to find talent

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