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Hello, Charlotte!
Work half the time make double the money in Oil & Gas
Start making $80-90k a year tomorrow

Oil & Gas jobs in Charlotte, NC

How It Works
Get Free Training
Get IADC WellSharp and Rig Pass Training
Take our assessments to find the right position for you
Interview for a $80-90K+ year job and start your first hitch. 





How will SkillCat help you?
We help entry-level & experienced candidates find jobs in the Oil & Gas Industry
We work with the largest Oil & Gas companies in the US.
We provide you with training so you'll feel ready and confident for your first day 
We will match your skills to companies that will appreciate everything that you offer.
Our Oil & Gas Partners

Some of the largest Oil & Gas Companies in the world use us for hiring & training.

Submit your resume to find out why!

We find you the best role, in the best location, with the best company for YOU.

All while providing you support & training along the way

The Competition vs. SkillCat
Benefits of working in the Oil & Gas Industry
No matter your experience level or background, our partner companies are looking to hire workers like you.


Average Starting Salary

$80-$90k First Year


Work Schedule 

2 Weeks On

2 Weeks Off


Job Growth

100K openings in 2022


Professional Development

Move up in 1-2 Years

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