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EPA 608 Core Chapter 1


In this introductory module, we will start by taking an overview look of the exam. We will take a look at who should take the EPA 608 exam and what EPA 608 certification allows you to do. Skip to quiz!

EPA 608 Certification

The EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency. It is a US federal agency that implements laws and regulations passed by Congress. As you can tell from its name, the EPA focuses on environmental protection.

The purpose of EPA’s Section 608 is to regulate substances that are harmful to the environment. As HVAC technicians, this is relevant to us because the cooling equipment we work with contain these harmful substances.

In order to service or dispose of appliances containing regulated substances, technicians must pass the EPA 608 Exam.

For example, refrigerant chemicals used in refrigerators or air conditioning systems may fall into this category of regulated substances. We will discuss what these chemicals are in a later module.

If you are a standard HVAC tech, it is likely that you will need EPA 608 certification. Even if you are in charge of only disposing of refrigeration equipment, you may also be required to be certified. In later modules, we will also take a closer look at who exactly needs to obtain EPA 608 certification.

The law is subject to change even after you receive your EPA certification. It is your responsibility to keep up with changes in the law when it comes to these restricted substances.

The EPA may update regulations to make them more strict and you will need to make sure you are complying with all appropriate federal, state and local laws.

Exam Details

There are four types of EPA 608 certification. All EPA certification types include EPA Core, which is the essential content necessary to know for all types.

The type of certification that you will need depends on what types of systems you will be working on. At SkillCat, we offer all four types.

The four types of certification are:

  • Type I Certification

  • Type II Certification

  • Type III Certification, and

  • Universal Certification.

We will go over each of these briefly so you can get a sense of which one is right for you.

All EPA certifications will contain 25 questions from EPA Core, and 25 questions for each specific certification.

For example, if I want Type I certification, there will be

  • 25 questions on the content on EPA core, and

  • 25 questions on Type I specific content.

Type I certification is needed if you are servicing small appliances that contain restricted substances. Small appliances are defined as appliances containing 5 lbs of refrigerant or less. An example of a small appliance would be a household refrigerator or freezer.

Type II certification is needed if you are servicing high pressure or very high pressure appliances that contain restricted substances. Type II excludes small appliances and MVAC systems, which are in motor vehicles. An example of a Type II system is a rooftop unit or a residential air conditioning system.

Type III certification is needed if you are servicing low pressure appliances that contain restricted substances. These would be commercial cooling systems such as cooling systems used in office buildings.

And last but not least, Universal Certification is all of these. So Universal Certification would include:

  • EPA Core,

  • EPA Type I,

  • EPA Type II, and

  • EPA Type III.

The passing grade for all certifications is 70%. Once you pass the test, you will retain your EPA certification for life.

We use a virtual proctoring service in compliance with EPA requirements. So your EPA 608 exam will be 100% virtual.

Getting Your Certification Card

Once you pass your EPA 608 exam, you will receive the option to download your EPA certification. Please make sure to keep this with you at all times when you are servicing equipment.

If you lose your certification card, your certifying organization will provide a replacement. In this case, that would be us, SkillCat.

Now that you get a sense of what the EPA 608 certification is like, let’s jump right into EPA Core.

Question #1: Once you take the EPA exam, you must memorize all regulations because they will stay the same forever.

  1. True

  2. False

Scroll down for the answer...

Answer: False

Regulations are subject to change. You must make sure you are complying with all updated laws and regulations.

Question #2: As technicians, we must follow and be up to date on all:

  1. Federal Law

  2. State Law

  3. Local Law

  4. All of these

Scroll down for the answer...

Answer: All of these

We need to make sure we are following federal, state, and local laws.

Question #3: If you need to get Type III certification, which of the following will be on your exam?

  1. 50 questions - 25 Core questions and 25 Type III questions

  2. 25 Type I questions

  3. 25 Type III questions

  4. 25 Core Questions

Scroll down for the answer...

Answer: 50 questions - 25 Core questions and 25 Type III questions

If you are taking Type III certification, you will receive 25 questions on EPA Core content and 25 Type III questions.

In total, this will be 50 questions.

Question #4: For Universal Certification, you will receive how many questions?

  1. 25

  2. 50

  3. 75

  4. 100

Scroll down for the answer...

Answer: 100

Universal certification will be Types I, II, and III. You will receive

  • 25 Core questions

  • 25 Type I questions

  • 25 Type II questions, and

  • 25 Type III questions.

This makes for 100 questions total.

Question #5: What is a passing grade for all EPA certifications?

  1. 50%

  2. 70%

  3. 75%

  4. 90%

Scroll down for the answer...

Answer: 70%

You need to get 70% to pass an EPA certification.


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