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Washing Machines: Chapter 2


By the end of this module, you should be able to do the maintenance of a washing machine.


Routine maintenance of a system is a regular check-up for a system. Routine maintenance involves:

  • looking for common problems,

  • solving them, and

  • cleaning the system.

During maintenance, we need to ensure that:

  • the system is working correctly,

  • it is operating safely,

  • the electricity bills are efficient and optimal, and

  • the equipment has prolonged life

Deep Cleaning

People expect their washing machines work 100% every time. However, this is not always the case. Washing machines start to lose their efficiency after some time. We may notice that the clothes are not coming out as clean as they used to when the machine was new.

Scales form inside the washing machine due to the impurities in the water. We can see an example of scales in our daily life on our kitchen utensils. The whitish layers that form on any utensils are scales. Similar scales are seen on the tub of washing machine.

Scaling can be big issue in areas that have hard water. In such situations, we should clean the washing machine bit more frequently.

Using efficient machine cleaner will remove all the scaling without damaging the metal and plastic parts of the appliance. This does not necessarily mean we have to buy the most costly machine cleaner on the market but also buying the cheapest one is not advisable.

Cleaning Rubber Gasket

Cleaning rubber gasket is an important task in the maintenance of washing machines. It suffers lot of wear and tear. The rubber gasket covers the edges of the washing machine and protects the clothes from damage and our hands from any sharp edges.

Be it a front load or a top load machine, some amount of micro dust particles enter it every time you open the door. These dust particles usually gather on the edges and sides of the gasket. The detergent and softener particles also leave residues on the gasket.

Being located outside the tub, it suffers from regular spills but remains unclean as we tend to ignore it completely. This is another reason you should regularly clean the rubber gasket with a damp cloth.

Protecting Finish

New looking and clean home appliances enhance the appearance of our place. Some people overlook this aspect and do not care to clean the outside or top of the washing machine. Front load washing machines are the ones that suffer the most from this.

Clean the top and sides of your machine with a glass cleaner so that it does not damage the finish. Maintaining the pre-installed factory finish is the best way you can keep your machine look bright for long. Also, keep machine covered when not in use and do not put any heavy stuff on top. This will prevent scratches from developing.

Protect From Spillage

Washing machines accumulate residues from detergent spillage. Even if we use the best detergents or softeners in the market, their residue becomes sticky over time and smells bad.

The best way to clean sticky residue is to wipe it with a dishwashing cleaner. Clean the inside of the drum with a damp cloth as it also builds lint, detergent, and dirt residue over time.

Leave the Door Open

Do not close the door of the washing machine immediately after using it. This is the mistake that most people do while using the washing machine.

Some people think that keeping the door open will let the dust and dirt inside the washing machine. This is true to some extent but does not mean that we must close it immediately after usage.

Leave the washing machine door open for 15 to 30 minutes. It will evaporate the moisture and prevent mold and bacteria growth inside the washing machine.

Checking Hoses

For a smooth flow of water both inwards and outwards of washing machine, we’ve to inspect the hoses regularly. We’ve to make sure that there are no cracks or leaks in hoses.

We also have to inspect the condition of drain hose. Since it takes out the dirty water, mold buildup in the hose can block the pipe. If the drain hose is blocked, we’ve to clean or replace it.

Cleaning Filter

For cleaning the filter, turn off the washing machine. Then we have to locate and take out the filter. We need to clean the filter and put it back in its place

Routine maintenance of a system is a regular check-up for a system. During routine maintenance, we have to

  • Remove scale,

  • Clean rubber gasket,

  • Clean hoses, and

  • Clean the filter of a washing machine.


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