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Trained Techs = 
Successful Companies 

We've trained over 100,000+ technicians, let us help you bring more repairs in-house, reduce expenses & keep your technicians happy.


"Before SkillCat, our training completion rates were very low. SkillCat definitely helped push that number higher. The techs enjoy having it on their phones, the short modules, and the streaks."

Trenton Knight

Director, Multifamily, Property Service, and Capital Improvements

Course Catalog created by techs for techs

With over 300+ hours of training and EPA 608, OSHA-10, and CPO Certifications, your techs will have the knowledge they need to succeed.  

Trained green techs in days, not weeks 

Your techs will have the solution to every work order right on their phone so that you can say good bye to overwhelmed supervisors.

No more vending out due to lack of skills

Assign a simulation before sending a tech to a work order so they'll confidently walk into the job and complete it with success.

What you can expect from the #1 Maintenance training app


of techs stay committed and train every week. 


tech retention rate with SkillCats green tech Apprenticeship program.


cost decrease due to less vendors and maintenance disasters.


Happy companies!

Empowering the Most Successful Managers

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