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We've helped businesses like yours complete all work orders in-house, repair instead of replace and support your technicians. 


"Before SkillCat, our training completion rates were very low. SkillCat definitely helped push that number higher. The techs enjoy having it on their phones, the short modules, and the streaks."

Trenton Knight

Director, Multifamily, Property Service, and Capital Improvements

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"Our techs now have some resources besides YouTube... they actually feel confident in being able to complete all work orders now."

Zach McBrein

Regional Asset Manager

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“I would say about 85% to 90% are putting in effort and going through the programs. In the last two or three weeks, it's really, really gone crazy. Guys are putting in a lot of effort and, and working their way through the learning paths. It's almost like a good book they can’t put down.”

Joe Micciche

Safety Manager


"Working with SkillCat Team for the American Residential Services HVAC Maintenance Technician Training Program was a very good experience. We have partnered with others in the past however SkillCat is the only group to have 100% of their recruits graduate the intensive 10-week program!"

Jeff McLanahan

Vice President, Learning & Development

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“Currently, of the people that have went out and taken the EPA 608 test, I've had 100% of them pass and get their EPA 608 Universal Certification.”

Leigh Stevens

Director of Property Services

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Join hundreds of companies gaining success with SkillCat 

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