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Our courses are designed to be fun and enjoyable. Learn from 1000+ interactive 3D simulations & animations.

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We want workers to succeed. Our products prepare you for your next HVAC job for free.

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Our global community of aspiring, entry-level, and experienced technicians is a great place to engage & learn.

2 weeks can change everything.

Day 1

Science Fundamentals

Learn applied math and basic science.

Mechanical Skills

Day 2-4

Basic tools and their use.

Day 5-7

Electrical Skills

Electricity fundamentals & measurement.

HVAC Concepts

Day 8-12

Basic to advanced HVAC theory.

Day 13-14

Safety & Soft Skills

Safety tips and customer interaction.

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Hands-on learning

Our simulations & animations provide great value to your learning. Learn the fun way.

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Complete in 2 weeks

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For experienced techs

Complete in 4 weeks


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You'll never be alone, even after you're hired. Participate in group learning, engage with learners, share experiences, have fun! 

SkillCat Success Stories

"The course & online testing program were nothing short of excellent!"

Mark Box


EPA 608 Course & test

"The modules were easy to use & follow.  I loved the fact that they were free."

Jeremy Fenton


Refrigeration Course

"The course was easy to go through, the information provided were very useful."

Kyle Magee


EPA 608 Course & Test


Frequently asked questions

Wait a minute.. No one offers these for free! Why are you doing this?

Yes, yes, yes! Our courses are 100% free. Our aim is to solve the industry's biggest problem. Expensive courses & training is a huge issue for new workers to get a job in the industry - we intend to solve the problem - provide free training to workers & get them a high paying HVAC job. At no point in the entire process does a worker have to pay us.

How does this work

You enroll in our degree program. You start your course by going through the curriculum just as you would go through in a trade school. The only difference here is that it will be online. Our instructors will be here to guide you with doubts always.

Will this degree program prepare me for my next HVAC job?

Our HVAC training is developed with industry-leading techs. After completing the course and the EPA test, your proven skills will be of great value to an HVAC company. A lot of our partner companies hire through us.