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Is HVAC a good career in 2022?


Definitely, HVAC is a great career choice in 2022!

Time to peel back the curtain and let the cat out of the bag…

Anyone considering a career in HVAC field should be aware that they will be entering a flexible, fulfilling, and profitable field. Indeed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is a field that is expected to increase at a quicker rate than the national average.

Commercial and residential HVAC is already in high demand, but with the increase in construction, more and more qualified technicians are needed to fill these positions. HVAC specialists earn more than $60,000 per year as of 2021, which is more than the national average.

If you appreciate working in a variety of locations, learning new technologies and systems, and witnessing how your work affects people in their daily lives, this could be the right profession for you.

How is HVAC a good and promising career in 2022?

There is a lot of optimism about the HVAC industry in 2020. After the COVID-19 flu pandemic made people aware of how important it is to spend time with family and to have a comfortable home, the HVAC industry will experience a boom.

While there is still some uncertainty surrounding a few industries, the HVAC industry will not be one of them. Although there is still high demand in 2020 and 2021, many are asking what the future of the HVAC industry will be. We determined to bring together a listing of our motives why we trust HVAC is a feasible professional desire in 2021 & beyond.

The career may be demanding, however, that shouldn’t deter absolutely anyone away from pursuing an HVAC career. Why? Well, the most vital factor to realize about the HVAC industry is it's far an industry packed with opportunities. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there had been 376,800 HVAC technician jobs in 2019, with a predicted rise of 4 percent through 2029. From the figures, it's far clear that a profession in HVAC is in excessive demand. That method now could be the correct possibility to dive into this industry.

Growing Industry Demand

The industry itself is growing, also. Some states and kinds of HVAC work especially are seeing a robust call for. Commercial and residential HVAC each constitute high-call for services, however, an increasing number of complex industrial structures frequently require extra highly-skilled HVAC technicians. As production continues, an increasing number of employees are wanted who can conduct repair and set up work.

Right now, the sector is going through a decline in to be had employees in lots of professional trade industries inclusive of HVAC. With that approach for individuals who are inclined to get their certification, SkillCat provides free EPA certification and HVAC training. They also provide surance for a job based on your performance in training and your passion for the industry, helping you pave your very own manner for accomplished growth in Skill Trades.

HVAC for Women

Not only is there are lots of demand for jobs, but also there's additionally a huge need and opportunity for women to be successful withinside the industry. Regardless of gender, withinside the wake of the coronavirus as well, the sector desires hardworking and trained HVAC technicians now extra than ever.

The first step toward encouraging women to join this ever-growing industry is to remove the myth that HVAC technicians are always men. When that is done, women are frequently delighted about the possibilities.

Career Advancement

Designing, selling, installing, servicing, and repairing HVAC/R systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings are the most common HVAC skill trade positions.

The HVAC sector is growing at a rapid pace around the world, particularly in the United States, where there are various untapped potentials and a sizable market. As a result, we anticipate many more professional opportunities for students graduating from colleges in the future.

Looking for a change in career to HVAC ?

Over the years, trades such as auto mechanic, plumbing, and electrical have seen a significant decrease in funding, and workers have been underpaid. It is also dependent on the domestic market. A profession as an HVAC technician is vastly superior.

What makes HVAC unique is the mystery of each job; if that's your thing, it's thrilling. Collecting unique tools and having a diverse collection for your batman utility belt is always exciting. They're expensive, but if you're learning the trade and buying a few things here and there, invest in quality tools rather than Junky Breakalots. - and keep a list of your tools by examining other techs' tool bags and what they frequently use.

If you like local work (hard work) and want to access problems and learn to fix them quickly, Stock a vehicle with common components, lug around large tanks, learn to Braise copper refrigerant tubing, and weirdly enough, a plus to this is a lot of free HVAC training and certification is provided by SkillCat for free!

YOU CAN SUCCEED IN THIS JOB CHANGE. Take everything one day at a time. Maintain a positive attitude and show concern for your clients by learning to listen and following management's directives.

Be willing to seek out and maintain a working connection with HVAC for years of experience, don't be disrespectful, and maintain the quality of clients with whom you deal. We fear change, but take it day by day and reflect on what you've learned, remember each item you do, write down and take notes if necessary, and take a lot of images to clearly zoom in on things you can't see in low-light situations. If you work smart, feel accomplished, and solve problems that no other tech can, you can have a lot of pleasure, but always stay humble!

Ready To Work?

If you’re sure to pursue a career in HVAC, it’s a very good idea to pursue it with proper HVAC training. A profession in HVAC will reveal you to exciting technologies. If the HVAC era is your forte, keep in mind training to be an HVAC technician. HVAC technicians are in excessive demand, and the process outlook is promising.

However, it's critical to note that working as an HVAC technician isn't always a bed of roses. On some days, you'll be required to work long hours, while on others, you'll learn to deal with potential occupational dangers. The benefits of a job in HVAC, on the other hand, make it well worth pursuing.

In addition, new technological advancements are shaking this region, which may be changing the entire HVAC sector. Further, with digital controls, HVAC control systems are getting increasingly intricate, necessitating the hiring of even more highly qualified HVAC technicians in the future. So it might be helpful to undergo 3D simulations HVAC training where the workers get an exact VR (virtual reality) experience.

There are a few websites like SkillCat where they provide it for free! While the industry typically hires mechanical engineers, today's HVAC structures require engineers from many technical disciplines, including electrical, electronics, and instrumentation. As a result, there are various chances in this industry for younger engineering graduates. Students can also advance their HVAC careers by earning one of SkillCat's free certificates and degrees. This is frequently the quickest path to a skilled trade career.


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