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Simulation Training

I'm asked sooooo often... "How could online school possibly give you any kind of hands-on training?"

Sure, most online schools are not able to offer that.

SkillCat is the extraordinary exception.

SkillCat offers many simulations that cover things like how to wire a circuit, and how to use a multimeter. These simulations are designed as a step-by-step guide to teach you how to fluently complete the action you're learning about.

After you've completed the guided simulation, you will be asked to complete the task without the instructions, giving you a huge sense of accomplishment and fluency in that action.

Each simulation is based on the modules you've already been covering in your coursework and is preceded by plenty of information to get you ready to try it out in the most hands-on way a computer can offer.

Things like how and where to plug your leads into your multimeter, and which position your switch should be in to test for certain things are all covered in depth before you reach the simulation modules.


After you have completed the guided, and self-reliant simulations, I have found that you gain a better understanding of whatever you're working on in those courses partly because it's fun and also because humans are a sensory-based species, and sometimes watching doesn't always cement the process quite the way doing does.

Even if you're not quite sure what HVAC division you'll be entering, I fully recommend taking those wiring courses to get a feel for the "doing" aspect of things.

SkillCat is always working on new simulations and aptitude tests to not only test your own knowledge and skill, but so employers can get a non-biased view of the perspective hire based solely on ability and knowledge.

Hands-on training will always be something every tradesman needs, with SkillCat, you get to begin that training for free without the constraints of time and space.

Simulations are the future of trade training and SkillCat offers it in the present.

We'll touch more on simulations and all the things that make SkillCat a great school for women, during our first webinar. Don't forget to sign up.

BE KIND HVACHICKS- That's what sets us apart<3


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