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Online HVAC Training: 10 Tips To Succeed In HVAC Training

Online HVAC training is one of the most popular ways to begin a career in HVAC. If you haven't taken an online course before, you need to be more strict with yourself. You will have to be more organized since online HVAC training doesn't have set hours, classmates, or a teacher to hold you accountable. Here are ten tips to help you succeed in your online HVAC training.

10 Tips To Crushing Your Online HVAC Training

Make A Commitment

You have to treat an online course, just like a regular classroom. If you sign up for an online course and don't commit, then it will not go right for you. Since classes arent at set times, it is up to you to progress through the course. Take it seriously.

Create A Routine

Creating a routine around your online HVAC training can be one of the most effective ways to learn. Creating a routine means setting up a time that you can work on the course every day. It also means blocking out your calendar and saying no to any commitments during that time. Take some time right now to look at your schedule. Can you wake up 30 minutes early to work on the course? Or maybe you can find 30 minutes before dinner.

Stay Organized

Since there is no classroom, it is up to you to stay organized. No one will remind you that an assignment is coming up or that you have missed a lot of classes lately. I recommend creating a google schedule and scheduling the time you will work on the course each day. You can also add in assignment due dates and goals for yourself.

Connect with your classmates

Taking an online HVAC course can make the class feel lonely. You will want to connect with your classmates through zoom calls and forums to make it a more social experience. Connecting with classmates lets, you set up study groups and accountability partners for progress. If you connect with your teacher, it can also lead to job opportunities, references, and more. If you are part of an online HVAC course already, send your teacher or classmates an email introducing yourself.

Ask Questions

You must understand a lesson's concepts before moving on to the online HVAC training. Each section in an online HVAC course builds on the last. Also, it will be more challenging to ask for help or clarification since you cannot raise your hand. If you don't understand a concept, I recommend emailing your teacher or a friend for clarification. If it is complicated, asking your teacher to set up a zoom call with you can be very helpful. The teacher might also have virtual office hours, which you can attend to ask any questions.

Create Study Blocks

One of the most significant problems with online HVAC training is setting aside the time for the course. Since there is no standard class time, you must create blocks in your schedule for the course. Even if you can only block out 30 minutes a day, that is enough to see significant progress. It helps to combine this tip with creating a routine. You might study 30 minutes a day every day at 5:30 pm right when you get home.

No Distractions

If you are studying your HVAC training at home, you must eliminate distractions. We all have things that we like to do at home, and that can quickly pull us away from training or leave us unfocused. Tell your family that you will focus on your time block and put your phone in another room. Give this course your undivided attention for your time block.

Take Notes

Most people stop taking notes when they transition to an online course. You must treat the online course just like a regular class. Take notes in a binder or on flashcards. Write down questions and essential concepts that you want to review later. These notes can become very useful when you study for certifications.

Create A Work Space

Having an organized and dedicated workspace for your online HVAC course can be extremely useful. If you don't have an office, then set aside some part of the house for training. A kitchen table can be a great place to work. Convenient workspaces like your kitchen table make you more likely to do your training. I would not recommend studying on the couch or a very comfortable place. Most of us take online courses so we can work on it after our day job. Don't take the risk of falling asleep during your training.

Take Breaks

If you have created study blocks and set a schedule, you will be working hard. Be sure to give your mind time to rest and recover. Go for a walk after you work for an hour and a half. Talk with a roommate once you have gotten a lot done. You can do anything which is relaxing for you.


Online HVAC Training is just like being in a classroom, but you are more responsible. You will have to recreate classroom conditions by creating a time block, taking notes, and working in a dedicated space. With these ten tips to succeeding in your online HVAC course, you will do great.

If you are interested in a free online HVAC course, I recommend SkillCat. SkillCat's online course uses animations, graphics, and videos to teach you important concepts for HVAC technicians. Interested in learning a skilled trade? You can find our free online HVAC courses for the EPA 608, NATE Ready To Work, and more.

P.S. if you are interested in learning more about HVAC training, you can check out our complete guide to HVAC training. It covers salaries, certifications, different types of training, and more. You can find it here.


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