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Online HVAC Career Fair: 5 Reasons To Attend

SkillCat's Online HVAC Career Fair is just around the corner. Online career fairs are going to change how the industry connects top recruiters with promising HVAC technicians. Before our fair on September 15th, we wanted to break down the top five reasons for joining an online HVAC career fair.

1) You Don't Have To Leave The House

Career fairs can be fantastic. There are a lot of companies and promising workers in a small space. Also, you get to introduce yourself face to face and set yourself apart from the rest of the applicants.

An online HVAC career fair, like SkillCat's, lets you get all of the benefits of a career fair without leaving your home. You don't need to dress up in a stuffy suit, walk in a crowded auditorium, or wait in line to speak with recruiters. Online career fairs are more relaxed, efficient, and give you the same one on one time that you'd expect from a career fair.

2) Meet HVAC's Top Recruiters

SkillCat has gotten together with leaders in the HVAC industry to create this career fair. All companies at the event are actively hiring. It is the middle of summer, and HVAC companies cannot keep up with the demand. They need more HVAC technicians right now. The career fair will connect you with those companies and increase your chances of getting a job as an HVAC technician.

HVAC companies cannot keep up with the demand.

The best part of the online career fair is the one on one connection that you will make with these recruiters. Each company will have its zoom room. Zoom room's, let's you jump between companies, ask questions, and even talk one on one with the recruiter.

3) Get Free Online HVAC Training

SkillCat has decided to provide free online training to anyone who registers for the online HVAC career fair. Are you new to the industry or a veteran wanting to brush up on some basics? SkillCat has got you covered.

Our online courses use animation and simulations to make learning fun and engaging. It also helps you practice real-world skills, like using a multimeter on a job site. Imagine going into a job interview at the conference knowing you can do the job.

4) Use Our Assessment To Get Recruiter Attention

Resumes are old school, and we don't believe in them at SkillCat. Why should you be looked over for a position when you can do the job? A resume doesn't show recruiters what they need to know. They want to see how safe you are on job sites. They want to see your electrical and mechanical aptitudes. Job skills matter, not a resume.

Job skills matter, not a resume.

SkillCat developed its assessment to solve the resume problem. Our assessment has a quiz or simulation for every critical HVAC skill. After you take the exam, our AI instructor grades you and adds your scores to your profile. Do good in the evaluation, and recruiters will be confident that you can do the job.

5) It is the best way to find work with COVID

COVID has changed how we look for jobs. The standard routes are being canceled left and ride. Trade schools aren't holding their HVAC career fairs anymore, industry events are canceled, and companies aren't even in the office.

Still, HVAC companies cannot find enough HVAC technicians. We believe that our online HVAC career fair will be the best way for companies to get in touch with sharp HVAC technicians.


SkillCat's online HVAC career fair is going to change how companies hire. It will put reliable technicians and the top HVAC companies in the same room, and result in many hires. Not having to leave your house, free online training, and SkillCat's recruiter assessment are all bonuses. Are you ready to register for our free online HVAC career fair? Click here.

Want to learn more about online HVAC training? Check out our complete guide to HVAC training. We cover how to become an HVAC technician, different training types, and how to get your first job. You can find the guide to HVAC training here.


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