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Find The Right Candidates

Get easy access to qualified candidates with key certifications and skills validated through our platform.

Trusted by hundreds of top companies

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Generic job posts don’t work for skilled trade hiring

Stop sorting through hundreds of unqualified applicants that don’t end up showing up for interviews. Use automated matching and the SkillCat Scheduler to make your hiring process more efficient.

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Hire faster and more efficiently with SkillCat


less time reviewing resumes


average cost savings


Candidates looking for trade jobs

Everything you need for a painless hiring process

All you have to do is get started. We match you with the best candidates - once you are interested in a candidate click “Interview” and we do all of the contacting & following up for you.

Custom Sourcing

Seamless interview process

Automatic Interview reminders


Automated contacting

Market data

Certifications + Assessments

Process automation

Products for every company size


SkillCat Job Post

For companies looking for an additional source of skilled trade talent

a month

Features you’ll love:

Resumes emailed daily to your Inbox

40,000+ monthly candidates

Get passive candidates as soon as they apply on our platform

Hiring platform designed for the trades; key certifications and skills validate through the platform

SkillCat Scheduler: sends multiple follow-up emails, texts, and push notifications to candidates to show up to interviews

1 free login for the SkillCat Training Platform

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Skillcat Apprenticeship Program

For companies hiring entry-level & looking for 100% tech retention

Starting at $2000/hire

Features you’ll love:

Custom sourced candidates - we source 100 candidates for every 1 hire

Top 5% of candidates selected digitally via psychologic profile creation & AI simulation assessments

Top 1% of candidates hired after in-person assessment & motivation event

2-month hiring guarantee with no upfront payment

10-Week Apprenticeship program

Detailed monthly analytics & insights on pre &
post hire data; aiming for 100% retention 

Ready to get started?

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