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Skillcat Apprenticeship

Struggling to find skilled workers? Say Hello to SkillCat!
We make hiring and training a breeze ensuring you get the perfect match.
How It Works


We find and screen entry-level candidates


We get them EPA 608 Certified


You interview and hire the candidates that match your company needs


Candidates start working with you and train with our 10 week training program


You pay AFTER they graduate program
How will SkillCat help you?
Finding committed and motivated entry-level candidates
Bringing you the top 1% of candidates
Providing them EPA 608 Certifications
Helping you with On-Boarding support
Skillcat Partners

SkillCat Success Stories

"Working with Brendan and the SkillCat Team for the American Residential Services HVAC Maintenance Technician Training Program was a very good experience.  While I know that we are not the only client they have, Brendan certainly made us feel that way.  He handled all of the tasks associated with recruiting our group of students and scheduling on-site interviews for them at our various branches.  Brendan kept us informed at each step in the process and worked with our internal teams to provide a positive experience for everyone involved.  We have partnered with others in the past however SkillCat is the only group to have 100% of their recruits graduate the intensive 10-week program!"

Skillcat Candidates

Read what our students and your future employees have to say

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