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HVAC Trade School in Charlotte NC

#1 Free, Online HVAC Trade School

HVAC Certification

Courses written by our panel of experts. Gain skills employers want, no fluff. Built to get you a job fast.
Online HVAC Trade School
Hello, Charlotte!

What you get from the biggest
trade school in the world


Courses with virtual simulations that mimic real-life experiences


Graduate ready to work, no matter your experience level 


Get called for job interviews before you even finish the training

Companies love our techs because they love our training. We work with 100+ HVAC companies nationwide, so you can get an HVAC job with a company near you


Here's How it Works


1. Apply Online

If accepted, you will graduate with  trade school and EPA 608 certification

2. Complete your Training

Our trade school is 100% self-paced and online. You can complete the training in a couple weeks or a few months, its up to you.
HVAC Technician Job

3. Get a Job

SkillCat will connect you to HVAC companies in your area. Our trade school was designed to get you a job. 

Training designed to 
bring you into HVAC

No matter your background or experience level, our companies will want to hire you once you have completed our HVAC training.


Average Starting Salary


Job Growth

New jobs by 2026


Numbers of workers we have 



Quality of life improvement

Yes, it's really free

Companies pay SkillCat to find the best techs and train them.

Free HVAC Trade School

Student Success Stories

Our students have finished our training while juggling full-time jobs and families. They found rewarding positions at companies such as Carrier, Sears, and Lennox. Learn more about their success stories

Jennifer Manzo
SkillCat Grad & HVAC Tech
HVAC Trade School

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Earn Your EPA 608

At the end of our HVAC program, you'll take your EPA
608 certification exam. HVAC workers with this
certification are 70% more likely to get hired. Take the
exam whenever, as often as you want, and from

the comfort of your home.

Free EPA 608 Certification
Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 5.02.58 PM.png

What you should expect

With our self-paced, online training program, you will learn in-demand skills that will have you job-ready within a few weeks. SkillCat students take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months to complete these courses

8 Units

21 Courses

57 Hours

EPA 608 Certification

  • How does an online career fair work?
    Our online HVAC career fair works just like an in-person fair, but online. Each company has a zoom room that you can join to ask questions, do an interview, or hear more about the company. The best part is that you can do all of this from your home! No booth lines, packed rooms, or travel time.
  • How do I get hired and send in my resume?
    Resumes are the old way to find a job. After you register for the career fair, fill out your profile. From your profile, employers will be able to see your schooling, experience, and skills! What is more important is the SkillCat assessment. It will test you on your HVAC skills and provide recruiters with a detailed summary of your ability. Do great in the evaluation, and your job prospects will look great!
  • Who is this event for?
    The online career fair is for companies and workers in the HVAC industry. We are mainly focusing on HVAC technicians since they are in such high demand right now. Still, companies will be hiring for other HVAC positions as well!
  • How will I talk to recruiters during the event?
    Each company will have a zoom room, which will remain open during the event. You can pop into a room at any time during the fair to talk with the recruiter. Companies will also be hosting 15-minute presentations throughout the fair if you wanted to learn more about them.
  • Is there a schedule for the event?
    Yes! The event is from 9 am - 3 pm PST. From 9-10 am, there will be an introduction and talks from two keynote speakers. At 10 am, the conference will break up into over 25 different rooms. A recruiter will host each room. Pop into the rooms that look interesting to you and introduce yourself to the recruiter. Simple as that! From 12-12:30 pm PST, there will be a short break. After that, we will split into rooms again, and that will go until 3 pm.
  • Do I have to attend all 6 hours?
    It is excellent if you can attend all 6 hours, but no, you don't have to stay the entire time. We created the career fair so that you can join and leave rooms at any time. The flexibility of Zoom rooms lets you explore companies or take a break if you need one.
  • Can I join the conference on my phone?
    Yes! The conference will be hosted over zoom. All you have to do is download the zoom app before the event, and then click the invite when you want to join. We recommend joining with video on, and your microphone muted. Muting your microphone prevents unwanted background noise, but unmute it whenever you have a question or want to talk!
  • Couldnt find what you were looking for?
    Send us an email at eric[at]skillcatapp[dot]com Those weird brackets are just so the email doesnt get a lot of spam.
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