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A Little More About SkillCat's Apprenticeship Program

I know, I know... SkillCat has all these new programs being released at the same time and it's hard to keep up! Let me break down our latest endeavor for you, so you can better decide whether to join!

Like most of our initiatives, our apprenticeship program is FREE! All you have to do is go to and click the apprenticeship button... Then click "start application" and fill it out (takes less than 5 minutes). After you've applied, you take 3 of our FREE courses to show employers your skill set, and get matched to an apprenticeship in your area! Easy, and Free!

Our apprentices make around $18 an hour (depending on location) and are able to work in the field and get hands on training while they get their education online with SkillCat!

Having a hand held school right on your phone, as well as 24/7 support and access to exclusive tools with SkillCatPro, greatly increases your chances of success in the HVAC world and your own ability to see it through. Additionally, those who complete an apprenticeship typically make DOUBLE the wages in their later career than those who chose not to or did not have access!

There is no reason not to sign up if you're brand new to the HVAC field. All of these free opportunities are offered to ALL of our techs and we are right here with you, not only when you're starting out, but well into your career for support and quick help. START TODAY!!!


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