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Accredited Certifications, Diplomas, and Courses for over 300,000 Technicians nationwide

SkillCat Announces Partnership With Grace Hill

SkillCat, a renowned provider of mobile maintenance training and certifications, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Grace Hill, a trailblazer in talent and performance management solutions for commercial and multifamily real estate. With over 300,000 learners from esteemed partners such as Rangewater, Progress Residential, and Disney, SkillCat aims to revolutionize the landscape of multifamily maintenance training alongside Grace Hill.

This strategic alliance aims to equip multifamily organizations with indispensable ongoing technical training for their maintenance teams, fostering resident satisfaction while slashing repair costs by an impressive 30%. Moreover, the partnership seeks to assist operators in crafting comprehensive programs to attract and retain top-tier maintenance technicians.

“Developing and retaining maintenance team members is an ongoing challenge in our industry as turnover for technicians is nearly 40%, the highest of any onsite position,” said Kendall Pretzer, CEO of Grace Hill.This collaboration with SkillCat exemplifies Grace Hill's commitment to leveraging technology to enhance client development and overall property performance. Through the SkillCat app, operators can provide maintenance technicians access to over 1000 hours of microlearning, 3D simulations, troubleshooting tools, on-the-job assessments, and EPA certifications—key resources that facilitate technicians in reaching their full potential.

Continuous development stands as a cornerstone in retaining personnel, with 76% of employees expressing a preference for companies offering ongoing training. Limited resources tailored for maintenance professionals often hinder career growth, forcing technicians to rely on ad-hoc learning methods, which ultimately impacts their effectiveness and contributes to turnover.

“The shortage of maintenance technicians negatively impacts all aspects of multifamily operations,” said SkillCat Founder and CEO Ruchir Shah. “When technicians are underskilled or short-staffed, service requests aren’t completed efficiently, repair costs are higher, and residents get frustrated. SkillCat’s mobile training courses mimic hands-on experience, so techs can learn a trade, get certified and build a successful career.”  

Recognizing the criticality of managing, training, and supporting maintenance workforces, property management companies are embracing innovative solutions. SkillCat's training program, is endorsed by seasoned tradespeople, supports emerging staffing models and has demonstrated efficacy in enhancing operational efficiencies.

About Grace Hill:

Grace Hill provides technology-enabled performance solutions designed to elevate property performance, mitigate operating risks, and nurture top talent among owners and operators of real estate properties. Backed by extensive real estate experience, service-level expertise, and unparalleled customer support, Grace Hill's industry-leading solutions cater to over 500,000 real estate professionals worldwide. Visit them at or on LinkedIn

About SkillCat:

SkillCat has empowered over 300,000 maintenance technicians through cutting-edge online, simulation-based training and certification programs in HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and Appliance Repair. Accredited by NATE, the EPA, and IACET, SkillCat's training app boasts the highest ratings in the trades world, reflecting its commitment to excellence in cultivating America's skilled trade workforce. For inquiries and further information, please reach out to us at


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