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What Maintenance Managers Need to Know about San Francisco's Ban on Gas Furnaces

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District board of directors recently adopted new amendments to Regulation 9, Rules 4 and 6, aimed at improving the region's air quality by eliminating emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from residential and commercial natural gas furnaces and water heaters. As one of the largest emitters of NOx, these natural gas appliances contribute to air pollution and have a significant impact on public health, particularly in communities of color.

The new regulations will require new appliances to be zero-NOx, meaning they will not emit any nitrogen oxides. While existing appliances are not immediately affected, they will need to be replaced with zero-NOx models in the coming years.

Here's what maintenance managers need to know:

Ensure Compliance with Zero-NOx Requirement

As maintenance managers, it will be important to ensure that any new appliances purchased meet the zero-NOx requirement. This means that you may need to work with vendors or contractors to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

Track Compliance Dates

Compliance dates for the new regulations are between 2027 and 2031, depending on equipment type, use, and size. As a maintenance manager, you'll need to keep track of these dates and plan for the eventual replacement of existing appliances with zero-NOx models.

Helping Building Occupants

By complying with the new regulations, maintenance managers can help protect the health of their building occupants. The initiative will avoid up to $890 million per year in health impacts due to air pollution exposure and prevent an estimated 85 premature deaths and dozens of new asthma cases in the Bay Area each year.

Stay Informed

To stay informed about any future updates or changes to the regulations, maintenance managers can regularly check the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's website at


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