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Accredited Certifications, Diplomas, and Courses for over 300,000 Technicians nationwide

7 Reasons why SkillCat is for you

Is SkillCat legit?

With the rise of online learning - especially after the start of the pandemic, many people want to take part in online classes from the comfort of their homes.

Amidst all the online schools, you are presented with many choices. And something you might be asking is: Which schools are legit? Is SkillCat even legit? To answer those questions, we first need to answer what makes an online school legit?

There is one thing that makes an institution legitimate, and that is accreditation. When an institution is accredited, the institution has met the educational standards set by the counties' department of education.

The same goes for an online school. If an online school is not accredited, you can conclude that it isn't legit.

Now back to our question of is SkillCat legit? The short answer is yes, SkillCat is legit.

Our courses are accredited and approved by hiring managers at large HVAC companies, such as Carrier, Comfort System USA, and Flame.

Along with our courses, we also offer an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification, fully accredited by the USA EPA. It is a certification that confirms that an HVAC or refrigeration technician can properly handle hazardous refrigerants.

So, essentially, if you want to work in HVAC, you need your EPA certification.

Okay, SkillCat is legit, but how will an online HVAC school help you?

SkillCat, founded in 2020, is an online HVAC training school.

At SkillCat, our team is solving the most prominent social problem of our time: non-college-educated workers do not have access to middle-class jobs. This problem became more prominent as workers without college degrees are being laid off due to covid.

Ruchir Shah, the founder of SkillCat, mentioned during his interview with NATE, "more technicians are retaining than are joining the industry." There is a growing need for technicians with a college education in the HVAC industry.

With our online HVAC school, we train & place people like you into high-demand skilled trade jobs.

Now more than ever, a job in the HVAC industry is accessible to everyone, even for those who are juggling a busy work schedule and a family because of SkillCat's online HVAC training.

What companies are working with SkillCat?

To make the HVAC industry as accessible as possible for everyone, we partnered with industry leaders, such as Carrier, Comfort System USA, and Flame.

Our courses are designed alongside hiring managers at top HVAC companies to ensure our courses cover all the essentials.

How has partnering with companies helped students?

After only a year of its launch, SkillCat has trained over 25,000 students, and that number is growing every day.

SkillCat's students, including our star student and a mother of five, Jennifer Manzo, have told us that they "would not have landed a job without SkillCat."

Click here to hear more success stories from people just like you.

But why does SkillCat offer courses and certifications?

As mentioned before, at SkillCat, our team is solving the most prominent social problem of our time: non-college-educated workers do not have access to middle-class jobs.

Along with college education, expensive courses and training are enormous setbacks for those who have financial needs.

Our mission is to train & place workers into HVAC. For the mission to reach as many people as possible, the courses have to be accessible to everyone.

By doing this, our online platform not only offers students the flexibility of taking the courses anytime, but it also takes the financial stress away.

Is SkillCat for you?

If you are looking to get into HVAC or make yourself more employable in the industry without spending thousands of dollars, look no further.

SkillCat is a one-stop shop for outstanding and online HVAC training for all. Enroll today and start your journey with SkillCat today.


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