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How To Get and Maintain A Career In HVAC/R

Since so many people reach out to me on our social media pages asking how to use SkillCat to get into the HVAC/R field, I think its high time I wrote a blog on the subject.

Step 1:

The first thing you'll need to do is obtain your EPA 608 license. Start by downloading the SkillCat app in your app store or going to and enrolling in our EPA 608 licensing course!

Once you've passed your proctored test (yes, all of this is free), you'll need to find out if your state has any other licensing requirements. In my state and many others, the only requirement is the EPA 608 so for all intents and purposes, well go on as if this is the case.

Step 2:

Now that you have your EPA license, you'll need an apprenticeship for on the job training. It used to be that you'd need to find a company willing to take on an apprentice, and sometimes that wasnt even paid! Now, SkillCat offers a program where we not only set you up with an apprenticeship with a company near you for free, but we also get you paid during this process, offer 24/7 help and access to all of our learning courses and training simulations to give you the best chance possible to succeed while youre still learning ! To sign up just go to our website and scroll to the apprenticeship program button and hit "sign up"!

Step 3:

Lets say you already have your EPA license, and have already worked in this field but are looking for a new job in the industry. SkillCat also offers hiring and job placement to our members. We will match you with a company near you that seems to be a good fit, test your ability with aptitude simulations and even help build your resume! We have hundreds of companies already on deck looking to hire SkillCat trained techs and will help get you the salary you deserve!

Step 4:

After all is said and done, and youve got a great job in the HVAC/R field, SkillCat stays with you! SkillCatPro is another free option we offer with exclusive access to field tools, 24/7 help line, and a facebook community built for techs helping other techs! We will be with you, helping you to succeed for the rest of your career! You can start your career in plumbing maintenance at Jooble too!


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