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EPA 608 Type 2 Chapter 1 (Take full course for free)

In this module, we will go over the EPA’s classification method for the types of systems included in Type II. We will also discuss and refresh a few basic concepts required to understand the systems. Skip to quiz!

1. Introduction

An EPA Section 608 Type II Certification will allow a technician to work on high or very high-pressure appliances, except small equipment and MVACs. Small appliances are covered in EPA Section 608 Type I. MVACs refer to Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning systems. A different section of the EPA covers these systems.

2. Defining High-Pressure Appliances

As we’ve defined, EPA Type II appliances are high-pressure appliances. A high-pressure appliance is any appliance that requires high system pressures to convert refrigerant from a gas to a liquid. Let’s review some fundamental concepts to understand this better.

Recall that during the refrigeration cycle, refrigerant moves through a piece of equipment called the condenser. The condenser converts the refrigerant from gas to liquid. This process removes heat from the refrigerant, cooling it.

When using low-pressure refrigerants in low-pressure appliances, the required pressure to convert gas to liquid is very low. However, when using high-pressure refrigerants in high-pressure appliances, the required pressure is much larger. We will learn more about low-pressure refrigerants in EPA Type III.

Common examples of high-pressure systems include residential air conditioners, residential heat pumps, supermarket refrigeration systems, rooftop units, and high-pressure chillers

A few examples of high-pressure refrigerants used in Type II systems are:

  • R-22

  • R-407A

  • R-407C

  • R-410A

  • R-502

Memorize this list!

3. Defining Regulated Refrigerants

Regulated refrigerants, as the name suggests, are regulated and have venting prohibitions imposed by the EPA. As of the EPA's latest 2019 updates, regulated refrigerants contain CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, and HFOs.


In this topic, we reviewed the refrigeration cycle and the basics of it. We also discussed the EPA Section 608 Type II systems. We also understood the meaning of regulated refrigerants. Understanding these concepts will help us understand the different techniques and regulations laid by the EPA.

Question #1: Which of the following refrigerants is not used in Type II systems?

  1. R-407C

  2. R-407A

  3. R-245fa

  4. R-22

Scroll down for the answer...

R-245fa is not a high-pressure refrigerant and is not used in Type II systems.

Question #2: Which of the following refrigerants would be used in a low-pressure appliance?

  1. R-22

  2. R-123

  3. R-410A

  4. R-407A

Scroll down for the answer...

Except for R-123, all the other refrigerants are high-pressure refrigerants. R-123 is not a high-pressure refrigerant. It is a low-pressure refrigerant and not used in Type II systems.


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