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Nexstar & SkillCat Partnership

Nexstar Network has joined forces with SkillCat App to efficiently connect its members with top-notch technicians

Nexstar Network, a member-owned organization that supports and assists Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical Businesses, has partnered with SkillCat, a market leader in hiring and sourcing the best candidates tailored to businesses' specific needs.

By partnering with SkillCat, Nexstar Network extends its commitment to providing excellence to its members, embracing innovative solutions to address the skilled labor shortage and create a brighter future for the skilled trades. Together, forging a powerful alliance aimed at shaping a skilled workforce that meets industry demands and tackling the skilled labor shortage head-on

Nexstar is dedicated to providing its members with top-notch assistance and driving their growth & development, and this partnership is a significant step towards achieving that goal. By teaming up with SkillCat, an industry leader in both skills training and hiring with a “candidate matching system”, members can quickly find & train new technicians and upskill their current teams, ensuring they have qualified and reliable staff.

SkillCat's content team ensures that the training materials are always up-to-date, allowing members to provide the best services to their clients. Meanwhile, the hiring team will focus on finding the top 1% of candidates for Nexstar's members, carefully screening and selecting the best talent to meet their specific needs.

SkillCat employs a unique approach to candidate sourcing by drawing from various talent pools. This ensures that only 100% dedicated candidates, who have undergone a thorough screening process and demonstrated genuine interest and commitment to the job, are brought forward. These individuals have initiated their education through mobile learning and have completed or are in the process of completing their certifications.

SkillCat's comprehensive services, backed by technology and workforce analytics, encompass the entire process of sourcing, screening, training, deploying, and retaining skilled labor. This streamlined approach aids companies in finding the right talent, ensuring they are well-prepared for their roles, and supporting their long-term retention within the organization.

With this collaboration, members of NexStar Networks can effortlessly leverage SkillCat's top-notch hiring solutions to find the best talent for their teams. Additionally, members can also take advantage of the on-the-job, on-demand HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical technician training for their teams. This streamlined access to training and hiring resources empowers businesses to swiftly build and nurture a highly-trained workforce, facilitating growth and skill development within their organization.


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