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On Friday, July 30th we will have our first Women in HVAC/R webinar! This will be a public event that ANYONE can join right here on SkillCat!!!

I will be discussing my journey with SkillCat into the HVAC/R industry, describing some of the obstacles that come with being a woman in the field and sharing tips and advice for overcoming those obstacles!

Being the first of many webinars on this subject, I've spent a great deal of time documenting relevant struggles women face in divisions like mine. That being said, this event will hopefully shed some understanding on males who will (no doubt) be faced with working together with females on job sites and offer tips to them as well to help these opposing gender partnerships bloom in the field.

We will also talk about break-in issues that are relevant for every person entering the HVAC/R field. There will be something for everyone!

Feel free to head on over to the webinar page using this link and check out some more info about HVAChicks and while you're there make sure to hit that "Register" button!!!!

Have questions you'd like answered during the webinar?? Something you'd like to see covered? LEAVE ME A COMMENT and I'll make sure your topic is breached live!

BE KIND HVAChicks! That's what sets us apart!



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